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A New Issue of CMP Is Available

I am looking at the October 1995 edition of Canadian Master Point magazine which is now available for free download from

This whole issue is full of personal nostalgia.  The editorial brings back some memories.  This was a time when my son Colin was a junior winning the Youth Pairs with David Halasi at Bridge Camp in Belgium.  Canadian Master Point was now being distributed in the Maritimes for the first time. Patti Lee had just joined our editorial board.  I played against Patti a few weeks ago in Penticton and we had a lot of fun reminiscing about those days.  Patti has wonderful qualities in an associate (and in a friend) she is energetic, fun and a really nice person to boot.

Were you at the nationals in New Orleans in 1995?  We were.  I remember that a hurricane was headed our way but nobody was too worried.  Fortunately it veered away and we only got a little wet.  Who knew then what could happen if a strong hurricane hit New Orleans head on.  There are a number of delightful deals including one that I played decently,  Don’t miss that.

I hate to brag but I am also featured with many friends in a picture of the team that won the InterCity Match between Toronto and Montreal.  You get to see a lot of us looking a few years younger and very happy.  There are no details about this event in the magazine but I have some happy memories of that trip to Montreal especially one of a top Montreal bridge player trying to be clever and underleading an ace against me in a slam.  Unfortunately I was off two top tricks and the underlead of the ace caused one of them to go away.

Fred Gitelman describes several deals including a hand he played with Montreal’s Marty Caley and Peter Schwartz at an invitational team event in Bali.  Readers will know that I have been playing with Marty’s wife recent Sylvia Caley. Fred also presents an incredible bidding problem form the National Imp pairs in New Orleans.  You will enjoy seeing how Eric Kokish thought the hand should be bid and how Fred actually bid the hand at the table!  And a lot more good stuff.

Eric Sutherlands writes an interesting tournament report about the Canadian Juniors at the junior championships in Bali while John Carruthers the NPC provides four problems for readers from that championships in the next article.  Followed by brief report by Ray about Junior Camp including an off centre bid made by our son Colin.  Playing with Colin recently it is no surprise to me that he was making unusual bids back then.

Roselyn Teukolsky has a fun article  with a play problem but also mentions the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, original sin, Lazarus and a man who said: “Not even a fish gets caught if it keeps its mouth shut” at a bridge tournament and a lot more.

There are several bidding theory articles including one by John Gowdy on DONT over notrump.  And there’s a fun deal described by the mysterious Trent Valley as he struggles to bring 3NT home and an article on the history of bridge conventions with a look at the some ideas invented by the Culbertsons and more.

So let us take you back to that magic year 1995!

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