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How Did Canada Lose to Mexico

I have heard a lot of discussion about how the Canadian Open Team lost to Mexico in the playoffs. 

This is posted on the ACBL website.

Canada Open Team Upset, But Women Prevail in Playoffs

The Mexican team captained by Gonzalo Herrera, trailing by 48 IMPs with a set to play, staged a huge rally to defeat Canada and win the right to play in the Bermuda Bowl in Sao Paulo, Brazil, starting Aug. 29. Read more…

The match took place in Mexico City, where the Canadian women’s team earned a spot in the Venice Cup in Sao Paulo when their Mexican opponents withdrew with a set to go in their playoff, trailing by 118 IMPs.

The final score in the seesaw open teams contest was 282-267 for Mexico, who will send Gonzalo Herrera, Bill Marshall, Enrico Pagani and Mauricio Smid to Sao Paulo. They defeated Nick L’Ecuyer, Kamel Fergani, Darren Wolpert, Jurek Czyzowicz, David Grainger and Daniel Korbel. At one point in the contest, Mexico led by 58 IMPs, but they were down 238-190 with 16 deals to play before their big comeback.


The Canadian Bridge Federation website posted the half-time scores.


So you can see that the Canadians struggled in the first set.  Lost a little in the second set.  Had a big win in the third set and then a flat set in the fourth round.  They ended the first day down 18 and you can see that Mexico had shown that they could play well.  Canada obviously started off the second day better and was well in the lead going into the fourth set.  But just as in the first set Mexico was able to put on a big rally and win the match.

Nobody knows better than me how accidents can happen and how some times you just have a bad set.  Usually there is a luck factor too.  I am so sorry that Canada doesn’t have a chance to send its fine young team to Brazil.

I would be happy to publish some hands from any of the players who were at the trials on either of our teams.  Just email me at

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