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Prizes Prizes – you want to enter this contest!

We have the list of prizes that you can pick from if you are one of the two winners of this years Pick the winners World Championships contest.  All entrants, including the winner, get a gift certificate to spend $10 at  The winner also gets a hard copy book as well from this following list.  (If the ebook is available and you would rather have that instead that’s fine too).  Here are the books and you can see we picked some appropriate ones:




Win the Bermuda Bowl with me by: Jeff Meckstroth & Marc Smith

Jeff will be there in Brazil.  Can he do it again this year?  Can you win it?

‘Asides by Meckstroth on technical, tactical, and psychological issues are interspersed regularly throughout the book and they lift a very good book to a new level.’

– ACBL Bulletin


2. Legends

Playing With The Bridge Legends

by: Barnet Shenkin, Forewords by Zia Mahmood and Michael Rosenberg

Barnet tells about his adventures playing with many of the greats of the game

“As well as revealing a few of my secrets, this book is packed with humorous stories and great hands from the world’s best – all in all ideal entertainment for lovers of the expert game.”

– Zia Mahmood

3. WorldClas

World Class

Conversations with the Bridge Masters

by: Marc Smith

Twenty six of the world’s best talk about the game.  Personal and insightful

“Readers will find the experience of these great players both interesting and enlightening, and there is also plenty of humor in their tales. In addition, the book contains numerous super hands to illustrate just what makes this group of players ‘world class.”

– Gabriel Chagas

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4. ishot

I Shot My Bridge Partner

by: Matthew Granovetter

This is a mystery and a bridge textbook all in one with a focus on rubber bridge.

“This is a classic murder mystery… It’s crazy, it’s logical, it’s instructive – but most of all, it’s screamingly, drop-dead funny.”

– Alfred Sheinwold

and just in case you get tired of watching the teams battle it out and need a break….



Go Ahead, Laugh!

Bridge Humor by Jude Goodwin

Jude Goodwin’s Table Talk cartoons have been appearing for more than 30 years in the American Contract Bridge League’s Bulletin. They capture life the way it really is at the bridge table, whether you play in tournaments or with your family in the kitchen. Jude will make you laugh at yourself for taking this game so seriously.

“This delightful collection will be enjoyed by bridge [players] of all levels. Each page brought smiles to my face as I encountered humorous situations that made me want to say ‘Been there, did that! Know how that feels.’ This book should help readers keep their perspective in remembering that bridge is still a game. It would make a terrific gift for partner’s and bridge-playing friends.”

– Dee Berry, American Bridge Teachers Association Quarterly

So get your entries in.  We have three already.  I can’t believe they could enter so quickly.  Should I peek at them before I put in my entry.  Nah.

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