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The International Bridge Press Association Book of the Year

I got an email while I was away from the executive director of the IBPA complaining that they had not given us any awards.  It turned out that their organization was

 Independent Book Publisher’s Association

I found this on their website:

IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association is a trade association of independent publishers. Founded in 1983, it serves book, audio, and video publishers located in the United States and around the world.

Its mission is to advance the professional interests of independent publishers. To this end, IBPA provides cooperative marketing programs, education and advocacy within the publishing industry.


They have a membership of an astounding 4000 publishers!

Of course the IBPA I was talking about was the International Bridge Press Association.  Here are some members celebrating their 50th anniversary at the European Championships in Pau in June of 2008.


It got me thinking about acronyms.  The problem is that everyone uses the same ones and nobody controls them.  So for example IBPA stands for

  • International Biopharmaceutical Association
  • Internet Backgammon Players Association
  • International Bullying Prevention Association
  • International Beverage Packaging Association
  • Infantry Battalion Philippine Army
  • The International Bureau of Paranormal Affairs

The last organization is particularly interesting because as they say:

Very few know about the IBPA, and those who do are under a strict code of secrecy.

We at MPP our proud of our association with the IPBA, BIL and others.  We are also the winners of several International Bridge Press Association Book of the Year awards including


Canada's Bridge warriors

IBPA Bridge Book of the Year:
Canada’s Bridge Warriors
Roy Hughes



I Love This Game

IBPA Bridge Book of the Year:
I Love This Game
Sabine Auken



Principles of Restricted Talent

IBPA Bridge Book of the Year:
The Principles of Restricted Talent
Danny Kleinman & Nick Straguzzi



Play or Defend

IBPA Bridge Book of the Year:
Play or Defend?
Julian Pottage


Barry RigalAugust 1st, 2009 at 3:57 am


Just so you know, here is the list of candidates for the 2009 Book of the Year:


Wielding the Axe – The Vanishing Art of the Penalty Double by Augie Boehm, HNB Publishing, New York, 2008, 162 pp.

Right Through the Pack Again by Ron Klinger, Ron Klinger Bridge, Sydney, 2009, 222 pp.

The Setting Trick – Practical Problems in Bridge Defense by Ian McCance, Master Point Press, Toronto, 2008, 159 pp.

The Devil’s Tickets by Gary M. Pomerantz, Crown Publishers, New York, 2009, 289 pp.

Frank Stewart’s World of Bridge by Frank Stewart, Vivisphere Publishing, New York, 2008, 268 pp. Frank North of the Master Solver’s Club by Frank Vine, Master Point Press, Toronto, 2008, 183 pp.

Linda LeeAugust 2nd, 2009 at 6:19 am

Thanks Barry. I did discuss all of the books in a previous blog about the IBPA Book of the Year.

This led to an interesting correspondence with the Terry Nathan Executive Director

Independent Book Publishers Association. As it turned out in the small world department: her mother, Jan Nathan who passed away in 2007, was not only the founder of their association, but she was an avid bridge player. Terry said: “I should probably know her final ranking, but I want to say she was in the top 100 or 500 in the country. Next to book publishing, bridge was definitely her passion. She traveled all over the country playing, and even ran a local group of bridge players called ALACBU. She also helped organize regional bridge tournaments, usually in Long Beach, CA. Her husband, Steve Mager, is also ranked.”

I think Terry might be wrong about her mother being in the top 500 in the country but I am sure she was a force in bridge in her area.

JUDY KAY-WOLFFAugust 2nd, 2009 at 2:16 pm


Your above blog opened some old wounds as I will never get over the combination of jealousy and politics which caused The Lone Wolff to lose to ANY book award that year. TLW was an epic that cannot be denied or rivaled. Never before and never again will any bridge book ever encompass as much and have so much dirt swept from under the carpet and have so many skeletons depart their closets. It was obvious to me (and others in the know) that personal indignation of one such individual disgracefully exposed in the book started the ball rolling … and this one gathered enough moss to displace the rightful winner. There would have been no contest — but that is what happens when personal issues and influential people stick their noses where they don’t belong. (THOSE IN THE KNOW UNDERSTAND TO WHAT I AM REFERRING. IF THE SHOE FITS). Bobby could have written the BIBLE and still lost.

In addition, Bobby made many enemies of some of the leading IBPA members by expecting, as president of the WBF, for the perks they seemed to demand in order to write favorably about world bridge. Since they hardly ever complied, Bobby didn’t feel they were living up to their responsibilities .. and these were directly the individuals who exorcised their revenge. This whole story should have come our earlier — but it is not Bobby’s style. I don’t take things sitting down.

Summing up, Bobby believes totally in running a meritocracy and does not believe in giving political favors. Now you have the whole story and its ramifications. I regret this tirade is buried deep in the comment section as it is worth knowing the real facts.

Judy Kay-Wolff

Linda LeeAugust 2nd, 2009 at 3:35 pm

There is only one book award that is available to bridge writers at this time, unfortunately (except for the ABTA award aimed at teaching books aimed at new players). I do believe that The Long Wolff was the best book. It is quite possible that politics or other equally unrelated things might have affected the selectors. This is undoubtedly true for all book awards. The best books often don’t win. I can say that from personal experience.

Winning the award was not really that important. The acclaim from so many people let us all know that Bobby is held in high regard by almost all bridge players. Nobody accomplish great things without making enemies. (Some times not even small things).

JUDY KAY-WOLFFAugust 2nd, 2009 at 5:23 pm


This is not about Bobby being held in high regard. That is a “given.” He has done more for world bridge than anyone in a sixty year period. This is about the last six decades on the scene and many of the stories told were the first time revealed. To compare it with any book of its time is ridiculous. Perhaps it should have been in a category of its own as there has never been anything in its time comparable to The Lone Wolff. When politics, personal jealousies and agendas get caught in the mix, this is the result.

Let it be clear, this is strictly MY opinion and I am speaking only on my own behalf. As you know, I have a mind of my own.

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