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Ray and I had a great trip from a business perspective as well.  One of the highlights was that Julian Laderman’s book A Bridge To Inspired Declarer Play won the American Bridge Teacher’s Book of the Year Award.  It was Julian’s second award in two tries.  This is a terrific book for intermediate players illustrating a lot of interesting play points and showing how you can decide what to do when dummy comes down.  We were very proud of Julian who is one of those people that makes you laugh all the time.  As Ray said when the award was handed out; “That there was no point in saying anything because it is hopeless to follow Julian.”  We were also pleased to show the teachers are student/teacher website

Then we finalized the arrangements with the Canadian Bridge Federation to sponsor the Canadian Women’s team.  Yes, we had to go to Washington to talk to the president, Nader Hanna!  Anyway, it was exciting to go to the World Bridge Federation Website and see this:


Isn’t that the coolest thing.  Canadian teams are very underfunded.  Our goal is to help up but also to encourage others to do so as well.  We know our women will work hard and give it their best.  Good luck to them and captain Mike Yuen.  I was very sad when I heard this from one of the finalist in Penticton.  “I am glad I lost.  I couldn’t have afforded to go anyway.”  So if you feel like we do, you may not be ready to sponsor a team but even a small contribution will go a long way.  Think about it.  If you want to contribute in some way and aren’t sure how to go about it, contact me.

I have been reviewing the hands I played with Sylvia with the idea of finding some lessons for us.  What I found was that we actually played quite well.  One of my favorite hands was one where we arrived at this end position defending two hearts.  My remaining three cards were the AQJ of hearts over declarer’s Kx and declarer had a side card.  Sylvia had a club and two trump.  The club was something that both declarer and I could ruff.  It would have been easy to just return the club, obstensively for a promotion but Sylvia figured out that she needed to play a trump.  I like it when partner is paying attention late in the hand on a partscore deal.

My game was Colin is always challenging.  Usually he gives me the funny bids.  This time I got him on an auction that went

Linda Opp1 Colin Opp2
pass pass !S 1NT

We are playing weak two bids and we had minimal agreements over 1NT.  Colin passed and when asked said diamonds.  But you got it I had diamonds and spade (6-4).  I had an invitational hand but not the type to double 1NT.  (Got him),  If you wonder why I am gleeful it is because of all the bidding headaches he has given me.  For an example, check out this Blog Linda Blog where Colin introduced a new suit at the seven level after I had bid a slam in diamonds.

Perhaps the moment I enjoyed the most in a quiet way was sitting in the sun by the lovely pool at the Marriott and watching my grandchildren having a great time in the water.


Jessica and Marcus


Dave (Memphis MOJO)August 2nd, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Great photo — they are adorable.

Linda LeeAugust 2nd, 2009 at 3:37 pm

I love that picture too (no surprise there). Luise, their mom, is a wonderful photographer.

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