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A Short Review of Lots of Blogs

There is so much bridge out there on the net I am taking a bit of a shortcut today.  Below is a table of blogs and a little bit about each of them.  This does not include any blogs previously reviewed and all are worthwhile (although a couple of them may be somewhat dormant).

Blog Frequent? Grade Comments

Not sure about theauthors

YES ? In Croatian but a few components in English including:


Astronaut Gregory Johnson, bridge player and a U-Tube interview with Edgar Kaplan

Justin Lall, bridge professional NO B+ I liked the BLOG on building a partnership; he also has some very interesting articles.  I liked the one on how to read your opponents hesitations
Cuebidding at bridge

Ken Rexford

YES A if you are into bidding theory Ken is one of our authors and he has a lot of very interesting ideas about bidding.  He looked at cue bidding but he is writing about all sorts of interesting bidding ideas.  Today’s blog was about Bluhmer’s (new term for me).


The Imp Chimp

Sartaj Jans (Australia)


Somewhat B+ I lot the stuff about the psychology of the game and also about the dark side of BBO.  I don’t agree with everything he is saying but it is interesting.

Some anaylsis and ideas about bridge deals.

The Overtrick

Cathy Chua


turns out she is a chess player too

YES A- An interesting blog with a lead problem from a hand Paul Marston played gets 10 comments.  I am jealous.  Be careful to read Dick on Defense I first because Dick on Defense 2 has the answer.  Her blogroll are all chess – Cathy don’t you like bridge players?
A Babe in the world of bridge

Catherine Ritter


Somewhat A

if you are interested in the pyschological aspects

This was exciting for me.  I have been trying to deal with performance anxiety and bringing my A game every time.  This site is all about that.  Thank you Catherine.  This is awesome!
Views from the Bridge Table

Ulf Nilsson


NO – he stopped blogging but he did have a blog at the end of May so maybe he will start again Not rated since the blogs are too infrequent Start blogging again.  I liked the deal you posted and I learned what f “fingerspitzgefuhl” is.
Free at the table

Frederick Staelens


NO – another blogger who stopped but he announced restart B Interesting he liked relay systems like Moscito but is now back to natural systems.  Read why.
Rueful Rabbit

James Heneghan


YES B+ Irish bridge; Talked about how Irelands top mixed partnership did well.  They play very aggressively with 2C being 4/4 in the majors etc.  Hmmm.  Some interesting hands.


Vikings in space

Jannes van ‘t Oever

a Dutch Finn living in California

He’s a Scorpio.

YES B+ This is not just about bridge.  Jannes talks about movies and he’s life.  He didn’t much like

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen but he did like Up in 3D, an instant classic.

Read about the deal that has been bugging him like a fat fly (nice turn of phrase).

David Smith YES A- Poker and bridge.  A nice style.  Analysis of bridge hands he has played.  I like reading about the poker too and he is a really nice guy.  He also gets a lot more comments than I do.

Lest you think I have exhausted all of the good bridge blogs let me assure you that I haven’t and that more will appear in future blogs.

Happy reading.


Dave Memphis MOJOAugust 4th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

Thanks for the mention!

For some reason bridge players haven’t gotten into the blog thing. Most of the comments I get are from poker players.

My guess is you have a zillion readers, but they aren’t the commenting-type people.

MichaelAugust 5th, 2009 at 12:11 am

I agree with Dave, I know for sure this site is well read. Most of my friends tell me that they enjoy reading our blogs, however they seldom leave comments.

A hit counter on our site can be encouraging.

catherineAugust 5th, 2009 at 6:20 am

Thanks for the nice comments Linda.

A lot of links for a lot good reading on your site 🙂


FranoSeptember 21st, 2009 at 10:13 am

Thanks for including me in this list. I have been running this blog since June 2004 and have more than 400 posts so far.

Problem with bridge blogging is making of diagrams – they are standard for readers and not trivial to produce. Consider poker hand and bridge hand – without knowledge of HTML you can’t run bridge blog. It is also tedious to fill these diagram tables – so when you run out of enthusiasm it is a point where you will give up as author.

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