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Top Ten Reasons To Enter Our Pick The Winners Contest

Lacking the writing staff of some of the late night talk show hosts I decided since we are at the last minute folks! that I should remind you about our contest and do my best to give you the reasons to enter:

Reason 10 – The economy has tanked and here is a chance to get a freebie!  Everyone gets a gift certificate for an ebook just for entering.  Can’t beat that.

Reason 9 – It’s your way of giving a little support for your favorite country.  Nothing says loving like picking your underdog team as a winner

Reason 8 – You are competitive or you wouldn’t be a bridge player.  You want to win.  You want to get your name in lights (well very small wattage lights anyway).

Reason 7 – It’s easy, peasy (as my favorite sister would say).  You can just copy my entry.  It’s not like school.  Copying is allowed.  Click here to get to my blog with the entry Linda’s Blog

Reason 6 – The link at the top of the bridgeblogging home page seems flaky, that’s nerd speak for it may be broken.  So you might have tried to find out about the contest and well … it’s okay there is still time to enter

Reason 5 – Eric, the intern is going to be keeping score.  He needs the spreadsheet practice.  Besides he loves getting email

Reason 4 – In your heart your know that Canada is going to do well in the Seniors.  This is a very good team folks.   This isn’t Dancing With The Stars, your vote won’t help them to win but it will make them feel good.  Of course, I am going to vote for Bobby Wolff too.  Go Bobby.

Reason 3 – It makes it even more interesting to watch the results.

Reason 2 – You lost at fantasy baseball.  Another chance to win.

Reason 1 – You want to win.  Winning isn’t everything.  It is the only thing…..and there are nice prizes too.

And here are all the details about what you need to do….

1. Select the 8 teams in the quarter finals. (1 point each)

2. Select the 4 teams in the semi finals (2 points each)

3. Select the two finalist (4 points each)

4. Select the winner for an extra 6 points

5. Select third place as the tie breaker.

You can enter both competitions or just one if you prefer.

Details are in this blog….The Contest

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