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Not to early to see some trends

At the start of the World Championships we all keep saying its early yet.  But by the end of the third day and nine matches out of 21 some trends do start to emerge.  Let’s start with the Bermuda Bowl.  The top eight are Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Argentina, China and USA 2 and Russia.  They are all fairly closely bunched with Norway first with 180 VP and Russia eighth with 161 VP.  19 VP represents about 3/4 of a match or so.  But the ninth place team Germany has only 139 VP, a big drop off and a further drop off below them.  The top eight are not a surprise with the exception of Argentina (at least for me).  I watched them play and they played well.

My prediction: The top eight will come from the top nine listed above. It would be nice if Argentina qualifies, they are fun to watch.

Venus Cup: The current leaders are

  1. China
  2. USA 1
  3. Italy
  4. USA 2
  5. Egypt
  6. France
  7. Denmark
  8. Indonesia

But eighth place is only a little ahead of ninth.  This division could change a lot.

Spain, Morocco, Sweden and Germany are next in line and may move up.  I would expect Germany to qualify perhaps instead of Indonesia?  But any of these teams could make it.  Egypt is a surprise but they do have a very strong pair.


England has been very strong and leads by a full 20 VP.  After that any of the next 11 teams may qualify

  1. England
  2. Egypt
  3. Belgium
  4. USA 2
  5. Poland
  6. USA 1
  7. Pakistan
  8. Indonesia
  9. Sweden
  10. Canada
  11. Australia
  12. Italy

You pick the 7 that join England

The bridge as always is fun to watch.  I try hard as a commentator but I my new saying is

“You can’t please all the people, all the time.”

Some observers are very partisan.  They read disapproval into any negative comment I may make about their countryman even something pretty benign.  Some observers have strong opinions which I don’t mind at all.  I often make mistakes.  Sometimes I am distracted.  It is a tougher job than I ever thought.  But I do love it.  So thanks Roland and the BBO folks for putting up with me.

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