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Roy Had A Boy

I know I haven’t been posting lately.  Don’t blame me, you have to blame bridge squeezes and Ray who is a complete slave driver.  But I just had to post this news:

Roy Hughes…friend, bridge player, author and now father sent me this email…

Erika and I just got home from the hospital with our baby son Evan Michio H, born Sunday 6 lb 9 oz and doing well.  Erika is recovering and I’m thrilled.

He didn’t send a picture but I still am hoping one will arrive and I will post it.

All of us send our love and our congratulations.  Roy has helped us a bit with Clyde Love but of course now he will be especially busy.  Still he had a few words to say in the same email.  Mainly… don’t change any of the nomenclature.

Well, Roy we have added a few things but other than that we have simply used the names he already used but more consistently.  For example. it really confused me when love called the threat solely held by one opponent randomly, the basic threat or the right (or left) threat or sometimes the right (basic) threat.

We made one change and if anyone feels strongly let me know.  If you recall the threats in double squeezes are called Left, Right and Both.  That refers to a threat against the hand left of the single threat hand, right of the single threat hand and one guarded by both opponents.  We changed Both to Common.  It just didn’t sound right to talk about the Both Threat.  I had also heard the shared suit referred to as the Central Suit.  Somehow Common seemed to cover both things. 

Enough Bridge.   Welcome to the world. Erika Hughes.

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MichaelOctober 22nd, 2009 at 6:58 pm

Mazal Tov, best wishes for the family. There is room for Evan at our bridge table.

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