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The 2000’s The Decade

Some people are saying that the 2000’s, the years from 2000-2010, was a bust.  Not one of the better decades.  For me it had a lot going for it.  First of all, all of my five grandchildren were born in this time, my son got married to wonderful Luise.  Our company Master Point Press thrived.  I started to work for Master Point Press and I wrote, edited, or proofed many very fine bridge books.   I played some Women’s Bridge and ended up representing Canada three times. 

I love the new technology, the iphones and Blackberries, ipods and now my itouch, blogging, and all that is associated with the rise of the Internet not least watching, commenting on and playing bridge online.  I even like the high definition flat panel screens, business television, online role playing games, cutting my own MP3’s for our car, Youtube, Wikipedia and Skype. 

I think the rise of poker is a good sign not a bad one.  People do love games and they don’t all have to be games you play on a court, rink or field.  We just need to get some money into the game and if they can make poker a spectator sport I know that we can bring some excitement to bridge.

I was trying to think about what my best personal bridge memories of the last 10 years have been.  I think the very best one was winning my first CWTC in 2004 on an underdog team by a small number of imps. 

I remember writing up the Venice Cup Final in Paris in 2001.  The Germans were way behind the home team, France and came back to win it.  My write-up was based on Casey At The Bat and was not only published in the Bulletin but appeared in one form or another in other magazines and books. 

I got to be captain of the Canadian Ladies Team in the Salt Lake City pre-Olympic bridge demonstration.  It was so much fun to cheer the Canadian Men’s Team on to victory.  It was also fun to see Salt Lake City all ready for the Olympics.

There was one match in Beijing that I remember fondly.  It was against England.  Pamela and I bid three slams that were not bid at the other table to soundly defeat the English team.  I had several moments of clarity in that match.  I believe it was a turning point for our team.

Qualifying for my first quarterfinals in Estoril playing with Francine that was the second most exciting.   We needed some good things to happen in the last match to qualify.  Francine and I came out first.  We were close but we didn’t know for sure until the very last board.

I have enjoyed my blog, making new friends and getting to know some very special people like Yvonne and Eddie Kantar and Bobby Wolff and the irrepressible Judy among others.

Ray and I started and still sponsor the IBPA Bridge Book of the year, the new ABTA teacher of the year and have sponsored Canadian teams.  We want to do more of these type of things in the future.

So I only hope that the 10’s are just as good.  I can see the 10’s as the era of ebooks, more bridge computer software and a scary good bridge playing program.   The 00’s were the rise of the Chinese as a bridge power.  I wonder if we will see some new countries involved in bridge.  Will the Mind Sports remain as something special?  I hope that  I get to play with my grandson Marcus or at least kibbitz him playing with my son Colin.  Marcus just turned six so he should start to learn that game soon.  By the end of the decade he will be 16.

So much is changing so fast that some times it is hard to even imagine it. 

Do you have any 10’s predictions for bridge?


JUDY KAY-WOLFFDecember 20th, 2009 at 5:11 pm


I enjoyed your upbeat recall of both your personal accomplishments and those of our incredible technical world of the last decade. However, it is hard to teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks and I am content with great memories of days gone by and the blogging computer tricks taught to me by Luise and Eric. Even correcting my own blogging goofs by myself, I consider as a sterling accomplishment as it causes me to bother them less! is a great venue in which to let it all hang out!

Your self-confidence, verve and positive approach to life serve you well and positively affects those surrounded by you. Your determination is reminiscent of myself in my youth. When it came to bridge, I had a finger in every pot and enjoyed being part of the growing bridge movement. Unfortunately, I find the game has changed, the people are different (with more self-serving agendas), the pot at the end of the rainbow is tarnished and though the technicality has probably ascended tenfold, the once-cherished majesty and sanctity of the game has diminished). My hope for the coming decade is that we draw more players, bridge lovers and even addicts — but that the game is kept in its proper prospective with BRIDGE as the major benefactor — not the element of the almighty dollar.

I suppose that is why you have referred to me as Bobby Wolff’s “irrepressible Judy” as I always tell it like it is.

My love accompanies wishes for a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year to all the Lees and continued success with Master Point Press and all its tributaries (without which we may have never met — had it not been for The Lone Wolff)!



lindaDecember 20th, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Thank you Judy and best wishes to you as well. I know I am a glass half full sort of person. But I will always enjoy being your friend.

Some fond recollections involve blogs with pages of responses and I couldn’t avoid getting into the act some times. You challenge all of us, you make us remember and you make us think.

A wife rooting her bridge star husband on in world championships.

Dinner with you and Bobby in a terrific fish hotel (I think it was Estoril).

Lending me your car, no questions asked, in Las Vegas when I lost my glasses

and a lot more.

So bless you and all your family and may the New Year bring us all more good memories.

JUDY KAY-WOLFFDecember 20th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Linda — That’s what love, gusto and friendships are all about!

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