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More Bridge Stories from our last match

I thought that Sondra Blank made a very nice bid on this hand.  Let’s see what you think.  Sondra held

s_thumb2 AQ
h_thumb2 Q742
Copyofd_thumb2 Q64
c_thumb2 10972

Isabelle opened 1s_thumb2 and Sondra bid 1NT(forcing).  West overcalled 2c_thumb2  and Isabelle bid 2 .  What should Sondra do?  Taking the inference that West had a lot of high cards in club and that Isabelle was quite likely to be short in them she realized the value of her major suit cards and just bid the game.  Had she simply made a game try then Isabelle who had a minimum might not have bid it.  Here was Isabelle’s hand.

s_thumb2 K10832
h_thumb2 AJ86
Copyofd_thumb2 K92 
c_thumb2 9

Now let’s look at Isabelle’s rebid.  While she does have a minimum her club singleton suggests that Sondra might well have a heart fit.  At out table North passed 2c_thumb2.   What should South do now with her 10 points.  She doesn’t really have a club stopper.  I suppose she might bid hearts but instead she took the “safe” route with 2s_thumb2 and that is where they played it losing a game swing.  So Sondra and Isabelle combined to get to this good game.  While game is not a guarantee as long as the major don’t split to badly you are a favorite.

Here is a hand that Colin and I didn’t get right and I confess I bid it like a dumkopf but I am interested in some thoughts (not so much about my dumb bidding but about how you think these things should be handled over forcing club).

I opened 1c_thumb2 in third and Colin made a negative 1 bid.  North a passed hand bid 2h_thumb2 and we really hadn’t discussed this situation.  Here is my hand 

s_thumb2 AK106
h_thumb2 A3
Copyofd_thumb2 10 
c_thumb2 AQ10843

What do bids mean now?  Should 3c_thumb2 be forcing one round?  Or do you have to jump or cuebid to create a force?  Is a double a three suited takeout?  I wasn’t sure and I managed to talk myself out of bidding at all (that is the dumbkopf part.  Suppose I do bid 3c_thumb2 like a mensch (I am exercising my inner Jewish here) and it goes 3h_thumb2 pass pass would you bid 3s_thumb2.  If you do you are a winner since partner will easily summon up 4s_thumb2.  (We ended ingeniously in 4c_thumb2 which won in imps because 5h_thumb2 doubled at the other table was only 1 down).  Colin and I did discuss this all and agreed to think about it but I think 3c_thumb2 here should show a good suit but not be forcing over the negative.  Colin held

s_thumb2 QJ96
h_thumb2 52
Copyofd_thumb2 7643 
c_thumb2 975 

(This hand bid 1s_thumb2 over an opening natural club bid and 4s_thumb2 was not far behind.)  I would be happy to here from strong clubbers about there thoughts.


Larry LowellMarch 8th, 2010 at 10:06 pm

Double, 2 places to play including the other major.

BeckerMarch 9th, 2010 at 8:49 am

I agree that 3 clubs can’t be forcing since responder could have a bust and not want to keep the auction alive. If responder has made a semi-positive (like 1c*-(1h)-x*-(2h)-? where *=5-8 any…now it is a big help for constructive bidding to make 3 level free bids by opener game-forcing. With a bunch of clubs and a minimum, opener can pass, knowing responder with 5 pts won’t let the auction die in 2h. Then over responder’s 2nd action (likely another double if balanced) opener can bid clubs non-forcing.

LindaMarch 9th, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Thanks for the help. I think the idea that double shows two places to play in a good one and that an overcall by opener over a negative response is nonforcing. So overcaller has to jump or cuebid or double to force responder with the former two being game forces.

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