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Watching The Vanderbilt Day 1

Since I didn’t want to write five blogs in a day I decided to consolidate my day’s Vanderbilt blogging activities. 

Watching the first match, first quarter we have the number 16 seed facing the number 49 seed.  Not that either of these teams are pushovers.  Two of my favorites are playing on teh #16 Zimmerman team,  Helness and Helgemo.  I watched a high scoring first quarter.  One of the big swing occurred on Board 15 of 16, just when the players were starting to think about a bit of food.

In the Open Room  Gabriella Olivieri of Italy had this problem sitting east in fourth chair at favorable vulnerability.  She held


s_thumb2 AKQ6
h_thumb2 A
Copyofd_thumb2 A962
c_thumb12 AQ42

The auction had started 2s_thumb2 by South showing spades and a minor (usually 5/5 or better weak).  Her partner Jacqui Mitchell of New York New York (I always sing that name) passed and North bid 4h_thumb2 to play.  Okay smarty, what is your bid.  Warning mucho imps are riding on your decision.  Double seems pretty reasonable to me but it has the disadvantage that partner who is quite likely to have a minor suit on this auction may pass without many hearts and that might not be very good for you. 

Do any of you master solvers types like 4NT?  If you double do you think Mitchell should pull with


s_thumb2 J102
h_thumb2 106
Copyofd_thumb2 KQJ1053
c_thumb12 83

Not so easy really.

4h_thumb2 doubled made an uptrick as did 6Copyofd_thumb2.  Here is the whole hand



s_thumb2 void
h_thumb2 KQJ98432
Copyofd_thumb2 874
c_thumb12 J6



s_thumb2 J102
h_thumb2 106
Copyofd_thumb2 KQJ1053
c_thumb12 83



s_thumb2 AKQ6
h_thumb2 A
Copyofd_thumb2 A962
c_thumb12 AQ42



s_thumb2 987543
h_thumb2 75
Copyofd_thumb2 void
c_thumb12 K10975



I was a commentator in Round 2.  This time I was in the Closed Room watching Fleischer who was playing with Kamil.  Their partners in the Open Room were Levin and Weinstein.  They were playing the Agica team and the score after the first quarter was an amazingly low 16-10 for Fleischer.   PO. Sundelin was one of the commentators along with me and we had some interesting chats.  On this deal you have as North all not vulnerable:

s_thumb2 KQ9
h_thumb2 AQ106
Copyofd_thumb2 J842
c_thumb12 86


East passes and partner bids 1s_thumb2.  You bid 1NT forcing.  I think this hand is a game force over 1s_thumb2.  I don’t see anything wrong with bidding 2h_thumb2 on my way to supporting spades.  Anyway partner bids 4s_thumb2 over your 1NT.  You call? 

a) pass b) 4NT c) 5h_thumb2 d) 6s_thumb2

What would you do?  I would bid 5h_thumb2.  How much trouble can we be at the 5 level.  It has to say good spades, good hearts, watch out for the minors, great hand over here partner.  North McNamara passed and that passed was –11 imps.  Partner held

s_thumb2 AJ108732
h_thumb2 K73
Copyofd_thumb2 A
c_thumb12 KJ

If anybody wants to bid b) or d) that’s fine.  Just don’t pass!  P.O. didn’t seem to like 5h_thumb2.  I am not quite sure why.  Any thoughts?

The most interesting discussion was around Board 28.  This is the auction.  Your job … wait for it.  I give no hand here only an auction.  McNamare and Shalita are vulnerable against not.

Fleischer McNamara Kamil Shalita
1c_thumb12 1h_thumb2 2Copyofd_thumb2 3Copyofd_thumb2
Dbl 4h_thumb2 5c_thumb12 pass
pass ?    

Is Shalita’s pass forcing.  Several commentator. myself included thought that most people would play this as forcing.  The forcing pass situation was set up by McNamara freely jumping to game vulnerable after his partner showed some strength.  The 3Copyofd_thumb2 bid along was not enough.  It was the combination of both the 3Copyofd_thumb2 and the 4h_thumb2 bid.  Without a clear agreement these things can become problematic.  I understand that.  Top players should discuss these situations.  I like to have some generic rules.  One of them usually is that if we freely bid a game vulnerable and we have never preempted than we must not pass it out undoubled.  This would be the case here.

My belief is that these two players were not on the same wavelength.  But who knows.  Maybe they don’t play such things.  Here is the deal and you will see that Kamil-Fleischer stole the hand in 5c_thumb12 undoubled.

h_thumb2 J1086542
Copyofd_thumb2 3
c_thumb12 4
s_thumb2 Q7
h_thumb2 Q7
Copyofd_thumb2 A86
c_thumb12 A109732
h_thumb2 3
Copyofd_thumb2 KJ542
c_thumb12 KQJ86
h_thumb2 AK9
Copyofd_thumb2 Q1097
c_thumb12 5

I can understand McNamara’s reluctance to double but if he believes his partner has stuff he could try 5h_thumb2.  Your side has at least 10 hearts and partner has some stuff.  And even though he has done a lot of bidding on five high card points if he believes that partner is showing a desire to bid on then he should.  It turns out that 5h_thumb2 is a fortuitous make.  The other table played 5c_thumb12 doubled and I can assure you that Levin did not overcall 1h_thumb2.  He passed at his first bid.  The match ended with Fleischer having extended their lead to 43 imps (64-21)

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JUDY KAY-WOLFFMarch 18th, 2010 at 12:41 am


I think it is marvelous you have added RESULTS FROM RENO to the site. You make life so much easier than plowing through and scrolling down all the scores, results and the matchups. has become so multi-faceted. It seems like you keep adding a new dimension every time I turn around. I, for one, appreciate the many directions in which you have expanded.


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