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Vanderbilt More Predictions! Day 5


First how did I do yesterday.  My predictions in bold.

John Diamond
Martin Fleisher (winner)

While the Diamond team lost to Fleisher I wasn’t entirely wrong in picking them since I did hedge with

“ If they are ahead or not to far behind going into the last quarter I predict Diamond will continue on.”  They were far behind going into the last quarter and couldn’t catch up. 

Carolyn Lynch
Aubrey Strul (winner)


John Onstott
Pierre Zimmerman (winner)


Martin De Knijff,


Romain Zaleski (winner)


Are you impressed!  I am.  So with the help of the grey haired Oracle its time for more predictions.  So with only two matches to call

Zimmerman (France, Norway, Switzerland)

Pierre Zimmerman, Franck Multon Michel Bessis; Thomas Bessis,  Tor Helness; Geir Helgemo


Strul (USA, Norway, Italy)

Aubrey Strul,  Michael Becker, Fulvio Fantoni; Claudio Nunes; Erik Saelensminde,  Boye Brogeland

This is really tough (as it should be in this sournd) but I have to go for Strul.  Just think that the Norwegian-Italian combo will prove too tough for the rest of Europe.

And now

De Knijff (Mainly Sweden)

Martin De Knijff,Frederic Wrang, Peter Fredin, Bjorn Fallenius, Fredrik Nystrom, Peter Bertheau


Fleisher (USA)
Martin Fleisher, Michael Kamil, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Robert Levin, Steve Weinstein

Fleisher is a great team by De Knijff is battling for the honor of Sweden.   If that proves right the currency in the final is going to be mainly euros.

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