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The crew at Master Point Press has been very busy the last few days.  Bridge blogging is now available on Facebook.  So if you are a fan of social media, have a look and become a fan.  You can read all your bridge blogs on Facebook on your smart phone or your PDA when you are not near a computer and need a fix.

We also have a terrific Facebook page for the ABTA Master Point Press Bridge Teacher of the Year.  I have to say that North America loves its bridge teachers.  The support for all the nominees has been incredible.  It seems that every day a package comes with photos and letters and support for another teacher across the continent.  Biographies and pictures of many of the nominated teachers are on the Facebook page.  I am only grateful that I am not going to have to pick the semi-finalists.  The ABTA committee will be doing that. 

I invited a number of people to become fans of the Bridge Blogging page twice.  This was not a mistake exactly.  I did it and then the staff decided they needed to change the page, deleted the old one and built a new one.  So ignore the first email and accept the second invitation.

If you didn’t get an invitation from me this is not a slight.  It just means that we are not currently Facebook buddies.  I am just a Facebook novice.  So invite me to be your friend.  I love friends.  And if you do a search at the top of your Facebook page using the word “bridge”,  bridge blogging should be right near the top.  Just follow the link and become a fan.  You can see just the blogs or you can see people’s comments to the page.  You can put in a comment too.  May I suggest: “I love it”!

Honors eBooks are now available on with more coming and the newsletter should be going out today.  If you are not signed up for the newsletter and want it,  just go to the ebook site and become a member (it’s easy and free) and select that you want a newsletter, or just email  May I recommend the free magazines and other free material available at ebooks bridge.  From now on I want to have a free download as a companion for every new book we do and make sure it is useful to everybody whether they buy the book or not.  So have a look and see what we have so far.

I have a new student I am mentoring for BIL on Thursdays.  She is a terrific player and very keen.  It has been a lot of fun.

This is Barbara Seagram month on  I am pretty sure that Barbara is the best-selling author of bridge books in the last ten years plus.  Her books have been translated into many languages.  If you are a bridge teacher or student have a look.

Lots more but I have to go out with Ray and take our convertible for a spin.  It’s spring.  Hurray!


LuiseMarch 31st, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts — remember, we’re still only in the end of March. Toronto has been known to have (knock on wood) snow falling in April. (Wait a second… didn’t March come in like a lamb this year too? What’s up with this amazing weather this week? Not that I’m complaining… I’m just a little surprised and expected a big storm to hit!)

You didn’t mention in your post above that all of our ebooks are now more easily accessible to those with eBook readers like Sony’s eReader, or Amazon’s Kindle. (To get the ebooks onto your Kindle, email the PDF to your email address.) We are working busily on getting .epub files and .html files created so that our ebooks are even MORE e-reader friendly! Stay tuned in the near future for more information on this.

I’m still plugging away at building the new design for bridge blogging. (If you are reading this and you have built a design template for the wordpress blog editor and you can offer some tips for me on how to accomplish this task, I’d love to hear from you — this is a first for me and I’m learning as I go! 🙂 email me at )

That’s all I can think of for now — I’m sure I’ll think of something that I forgot as soon as I click “Submit Comment”…

SallyMarch 31st, 2010 at 1:49 pm

If you ARE on facebook you can also become a fan of us, Master Point Press! Just do a search and we’re probably the only group with that name (if you find another one I’d be very interested to hear about it).

On our site you will see an announcement every time we have new books releasing, or, as Linda mentioned, free downloads available as companions for our new books. We seem to be giving away more and more free stuff these days. Better join our site and keep up to date:

Also, you can see lots of pictures of all our pretty books. Comments are welcome.


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