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Going to New Orleans some day soon

Coming home from Florida we played a lot of music and were surprised to notice how many songs referred to New Orleans.  We like spirited songs we can sing to so we sang The City of New Orleans not once but twice.

Riding on the City of New Orleans, Illinois Central Monday morning rail…. and then the loud chorus of

Good morning America how are you?
Don’t you know me I’m your native son,
I’m the train they call The City of New Orleans,

I’ll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done.


But what really got me to thinking about New Orleans was a column I read yesterday which talked about how wonderful the food and entertainment was in this great city.  The food sounded so yummy I am going to start making my own restaurant list before I go.  i don’t want to miss a thing.  Ray is becoming excited about driving there because we plan to go through Vicksburg.  He has been reading his civil war battlefield book.

And this will be our opportunity to present the very first ABTA MPP Teacher of the year award.  I am just glad that I am not the one to pick the winner.  Don’t miss the facebook page with the photos and bios of the nominees

Facebook Teacher of the year

You can become a fan which is a way of showing your appreciation for these wonderful people.

Here is Norris "Pete" Peterson, one of the nominees in action.

So another trip down South is coming up pretty soon.  Speaking of awesome people, Ray and I have been talking about how many Canadians have made a contribution to bridge and then I got my Bulletin and on the cover were the founding stars of the Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame.  The first nominees are Bruce Elliott, Sam Gpld, Sami Kehela, Eric Murray and Percy Sheardown.  All very worthy.   If we were to add builders: I would put Audrey Grant, Fred Gittelman, Barbara Seagram, John Carruthers Eric Kokish and my wonderful husband Ray.  Then there are some other terrific players like Geoff Hampson, Gavin Wolpert, a star of the future, Diana Gordon, Mary Paul, Francine Cimon and many others.  If I missed some of the great players and builders please understand these are just examples.

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LindaMay 3rd, 2010 at 4:05 pm

I also highly recommend Treme, a new television show about New Orleans just after Katrina. As Ray said about the show (and to some extent New Orleans); “It’s all about the music.”

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