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Canadian Bridge Championships – May 29th to June 5

For many Canadian bridge players this is the event of the year.  While this year these  event are not designed to pick Canadian representatives they are like all Canadian team trials  fair and open events.   All eligible Canadians simply enter the event as a team and play a giant round robin. 

The Canadian Championships will take place in Markham Ontario a suburb of Toronto.  This will include the induction of the first group of bridge players into the Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame.  This years the winners of the major team events will receive cash prizes and will have the right to call themselves team Canada in the Open World Championships in Philadelphia later this year.  One of these teams will wear the Master Point Press name on their (figurative) shirts.  The three events requiring pre-registration are the Canadian National Team Championships (Open) Flight A and Flight B and the Canadian Women’s Team Championships (CNTC).  But the Seniors, Imp Pairs and a 2-session Swiss are still open to all entrants.  The Open Pairs event required club prequalification.  Here is more information about those events.

CANADIAN SENIOR TEAMS (CSTC) Wednesday, June 2 – Saturday, June 5, 2010

All participants must be paid-up members of the Canadian Bridge Federation.


Guaranteed 2 days of play

CANADIAN IMP PAIRS (CIPC) – Thursday, June 3, 2010

All participants must be paid-up members of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

CANADIAN OPEN PAIRS (COPC) – Friday, June 4 & Sat, June 5, 2010

Club qualification required

All participants must be paid-up members of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

Two session one day qualifying followed by two session final

SWISS TEAMS – Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two session Regionally rated Swiss teams.

Open to all – no pre-registration, no pre-qualification & CBF membership is not required

So even if you haven’t signed up if you are qualified there is still time to come and play!


The Rosters for the CNTC A and B and the CWTC.  From the CNTC Flight A some notables to readers of bridgeblogging or Master Point Press are:

Paul Thurston author and newspaper columnist and his new partner David Willis.  He is playing with Roy Hughes, author of some prizing winning books with Dave Turner, David Lindop and Doug Baxter.  Best wishes fellows.

Others include:

  • Author Neil Kimelman
  • Master Point Press helper Ron Bishop
  • Author Jim Priebe
  • Auhor Andy Stark
  • Blogger Ross Taylor
  • And opponents in many of my blogs: Jeff Smith and David Sanbourin

And of course special luck to all of the women in the CWTC.  I am not naming any of you specially because all of you are my friends.

There are many other great players and dear friends and I wish them all luck.  Bridgeblogging will be featuring the trials by having an all Canadian crew of featured bloggers.  We hope there will be lots of blogs about the trials especially if the matches are featured on BBO.  

There are 57 (wow) teams in the two Open Competitions.   To the eight teams in the CWTC enjoy it.  While it is perhaps not the most challenging competition ever in this event you will all still have lots of interesting and challenging bridge and if you are planning to play in Philadelphia it will be a good practice.

Stay tuned for my predictions of the CNTC finalists in a future blog.  Me <==== Glutton for Punishment

Linda Lee

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ron bishopMay 27th, 2010 at 8:26 pm

checking the math; just 40 teams in the Open competitions…. 23 in A and 17 in B; plus the 8 women’s teams (who are being asked to play 72 boards on one of the days of the round robin)

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