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Bridge Week – At the Mile Post

In the premier event after 14 of 23 rounds my picks aren’t looking bad at all.  Teams in bold were my picks for the top 8.

The leading team is Gartanganis

Judy and Nck Gartaganis, Gordon Campbell, Piotr Klimowicz

This four man squad has done well year after year including winning the event.  They won the Commonwealth Games and with Judy ineligible they won the Olympic Demonstration event in Salt Lake City.  It is no surprise that they are off to a great start this year.

Team Whiteman consists of Jonathan Steinberg, Michael Kenny, Mike Cafferata, David Colbert, John Zaluski, Ed Zaluski

The Zaluski’s have previously won this event.  Mike Kenny and Mike Cafferata (and old school buddy of mine) have played together for years.

Tied third place is Hanna who are one of the favorites.

Nader Hanna, Robert Lebi, Drew Cannell, George Mittelman, Martin Kirr, Arno Hobart

Also tied third are Todd

Bob Todd, Douglas Fisher, Neil Kimelman, K.W. Gohl, Marielle Brentnall, Jerry Cohen

Neil is on of our authors and is on the CBF Board.  At the board meeting we discussed his team.  After that I walked away convinced I had made a mistake in not picking them to make the final 8.  It was just that I didn’t only know some of the players.

Rounding out the top eight places are

5th Rayner

It is not a surprise that Rayner is in qualifying position with a solid team.

6th Gamble

7th Jotcham

8th Korbel tied with Jamicki

Thurston is  behind just 3 VP 8th place in 10th.

For full results

Day 3 CNTC Results

After 3 of 7 rounds the 4 woman squad Demme remains solidly in first.

Ina Demme, Hazel Wolpert, Linda Wynston, Lesley Thomson

Hazel and Ina previously won on a team with me and we all played in Istanbul.  Its great that they are in such good form but with half the field of 8 going forward to the semi-finals the top few teams should feel very little pressure.

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