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Fund Raising for Canadian Teams

Some of you may have noticed a reference to the CBF Fund Raiser planned for September 2011 in the comments to Nadar’s blog about Canadian Team Selection.  There will be lots more publicity about it later on but I did want to say that the work has started.

We have a date approved for a fund raiser next year.  It will be a cross country simultaneous, a one session sectionally rated event on Saturday afternoon.  We are hoping that alongside it will be other things like expert auctions, silent auctions and the like.

And you know that I need some help.  Being committee chairperson is a lonely task without committee members.  So far Pamela Nisbet and Michael Yuen have agreed to help out but I do need a lot more help than that.  So if you are interested in helping let me know.  There are many different ways that people can help.  But if I call or email you and ask for help don’t be too surprised.  I have learned that waiting for the telephone to ring is not very effective.  (Is it waiting for email to beep?)

I have been busy editing a new pocket guide.  It has now been handed off to Ray who is quite grumpy about it.  He doesn’t understand why I can’t follow the style guide and why I can’t write to length.  I admit that I could make his life a bit easier.  But anyway the great moment is when it moves off my desk and on to his.

Between that and a few projects I am working on and ebook creation and policy I have not been playing much or blogging much.  My grandson Cassidy is arriving for a visit on Friday along with a return visit from my girl friend Victoria who decided she needs a break from life in the South Carribean on a gorgeous sailboat.  Okay I guess so.  She misses the fitness club!  And just after that we are off to England to attend Mark Horton’s nuptials along with various meetings.   Then there is New York and Philadelphia and then Orlando.  Hmm.  I really miss home when I traveling this much.  But Orlando should be nice since Colin, Luise and their children will be coming along.

Back to asking for help… why should you care about the bridge teams?  That is a question I think about some time.  How can I ask people to raise money for teams when there are people who are homeless or there are some terrible diseases and so on.  Is it really worthwhile?  I think that our teams provide inspiration to young players and really to us all.  It allows the best players to aspire to something.  It can make us proud.  It is no different really than the Olympics or the World Cup.  Intellectual sports are just as important as the jock kind.

So if you have any suggestions, any ideas and especially if you will help please let me know.

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