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On the road again ….

When you read this Ray and I will be flying to England.  We will be there for two weeks.  First in London doing some business, seeing some shows and meeting up with a relative or two.  We will be staying with Andy and Shireen.  You may know them as bridge players winning tons of masterpoints at the NABC’s they come to and you will no doubt have read Andy’s many contribution to Bridge World.  They also are into Barbu.  We may have a Barby blogger quite soon recommended to bridgeblogging by Shireen.

After that we are over to Bath to attend Mark Horton’s wedding.  Ray will be one of many best men including Brent Manley.  We will have more than enough for a spirited bridge game.  We have some more business to attend to and we will also be dropping in at the Buffet Cup which will be held in Cardiff.  If you have ever watch the BBC series Torchwood then you will know that is where the first few seasons were filmed.  We will definitely do the Torchwood tour.

I don’t know if I will blog from the UK.  I will have my beloved IPAD with me but Ray will have a small computer.  The most likely candidate will be the Buffet Cup.  The last few weeks have been quite hectic.  I finally saw a specialist about asthma which was making a nuisance of itself, I finished a book I was writing for Ray and we had a wonderful visit with my grandson Cassidy.  The most incredible memories will be of Niagara Falls.  Every time I see it I am awed.

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Dave Memphis MOJOSeptember 2nd, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Safe travels and have fun.

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