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Phil Leon Will Be Missed… from Jonathan Steinberg and Allan Tushman

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Phil, courtesy Jonathan Steinberg

I received an email a few days ago from Jonathan Steinberg to a large group talking about Phil.  I didn’t know Phil, having seen him from time to time but I thought the announcement should be shared.  Here is what Allan Tushman said:

Phil Leon passed away yesterday afternoon (September 22nd). Encyclopedia of Bridge (6th ed.) entry: “Born 1927. Of Grosse Pointe Shores, MI. Retired but still does selective interior design projects. Past president (served 2 terms) and tournament chairman of Michigan Bridge Association. Leon served as MBA and board of governors member for many years and was vice-chairman of the ACBL Appeals Committee for more than 20 years . Diamond Life Master, won more than 14,700 MPs as of 3/2001. He has won more than 100 regional titles.”  Just a thought. Someone need to put together a good oral history of bridge in metropolitan Detroit before its too late. It’s partially too late already.

It is sad to see many of the pioneers of bridge pass on.

I agree with Allan.  People should be collecting histories of bridge in their districts.

Jonathan added one or two of his favorite memories.  I wouldn’t mind seeing the board referred to below.

I have always been fortunate to play bridge with quality partners. Phil was also a quality person with eclectic interests. It was through Phil that I enjoyed a private performance with one of his best friends, the late Leonard Pennario, classical pianist and composer. One of my first encounters with Phil (around 1980) was at an NABC Appeals Committee that Phil was chairing. In no uncertain terms, he admonished the professional player who was appealing that he should not appear before Phil in any future committee!

We enjoyed many tournaments together throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Phil was my partner at the 1988 London Bridge Regional final of a seeded KO where we brought home a vulnerable 6S doubled contract making (+1660) while teammates were in a vulnerable 6H doubled, also making! A 22 imp swing which happened to be the margin of our deficit at the half. “Just One Board” has been written up in several publications. Thanks, Phil, for being part of it.

From the on-line ACBL Top 500 list: # 100 Phil Leon Grosse Pointe MI 18,041.47


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Bobby WolffSeptember 26th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Phil was one of those people in bridge who was always doing positive things for the game itself. He was, (as pointed out) a no nonsense endearing person who always called it the way he thought it was. He, only, alike a few others, did not cotton to poor ethics, particularly by one who needs to know better, and whenever he was acting in an official capacity always sided with good over evil and let the culprit know about it.

We need more like him and I am truly sad that he is no longer with us.

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