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In Australia they do it with finesse

Karen Cumpstone came to Canada from New Zealand a few years ago. She was a well respected card player down under as she is in North America. She sent a lovely hand which will be reported by Ron Klinger in the near Sun-Herald on December 19th. Here is the story:

Dave Beauchamp who Ray and I met when we visited Australia was playing with Ted Chadwick. This was the deal from Ted’s point of view:











The auction was simple. Ted opened 1NT and responded spades to Stayman.  Now Dave raised to 3 and that was the final contract.  The opening lead was the 3 (4th highest).  The plan is going to be to draw trump and set up hearts.   Ted won the K and played the 9.  East ducked very smoothly and Ted let the heart run to the 10.  The smooth duck suggested to him that the K was on his left not on his right.  He won the diamond return in hand and played a spade from hand.  West won and got out a club to the East’s K and Ted’s A.  Ted played another spade West winning as both followed.  Ted won the club return and drew the last trump with the ♠Q .  This was the position with the lead in Ted’s hand.








There are actually two choices now.  You can play the A.  This works if the K started out as doubleton in either hand (most likely West’s).  Or you can try something more artistic.  Ted’s original play of the 9 set up an intrafinesse, one of the truly beautiful plays in bridge.  If as was the case the original heart holding was

West: K10x   and East: Jx

then when Ted leads the Q to the second heart trick, there is nothing the defense can do to get a second heart trick.  When West covers the A will smother East’s J and set up the suit for declarer.

Why did Ted chose the intrafinesse as the way to play hearts?  In his own words; “. The only reason I did that rather than try to drop the king was simply because I’d never done an intra finesse before!”

Lovely.  If there was a bucket list for bridge plays than the intrafinesse was be on my list.  Well done.  And thank you Karen for sharing.

I am leaving for Orlando Saturday so the blogs may get a bit scarce for a couple of days.

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Dave Memphis MOJONovember 25th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

Cute hand.

Have a safe trip. Stop by the DB office & say hi if you have time.

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