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Ray drew my attention to a new blogger.  The blog is called Robin’s Bridge Blog.  Now Robin has blogs.  A software consultant from Massachusetts with an internet name of Phasmid he has a wide range of interest from birds to opera with a lot in-between.  For example he has a blog called Robin’s Rural Rides about travel, dogs, railroads beer and many other subjects.  In his software blog I found out that Robin wrote his first line of code in 1967.  So he is probably in my age group and he had posted a picture of himself and a borrowed code-reviewing chihuaha named Madison.


Robin blogs frequently and he is not only an excellent bridge player but he likes and reviews bridge books from time to time.  His most recent blog is about a recently published and intriguing (to me and Robin) book called Bridge at the Enigma Club.  Have a look at the review.

I found his previous blogs on THE LAW and pressure bids interesting.  Actually I never really knew the meaning of “pressure bids” before although I made them.  Keep up all the good work and I imagine you sitting there hour after hour alone at the computer (or with a teeny dog) blogging all those blogs.

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