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Second Segment … are these the same teams?

We have started the second segment off with 6 pushes.  These guys even played a hand in 2NT at both tables.  I was starting to think that wasn’t possible.

On the next two boards Diamond is on the wrong side of two slam swings.  Here is the first.

Board 23 Woolridge-Hurd bid to 6 from the East hand.  This was missed at the other table.  Perhaps made harder for Hampson-Greco after the Precision 2 opening.

How good a slam is it?  You probably need a 3-2 heart break mostly.    You need to ruff two diamonds in East hand.  That gives you 5 club tricks, 6 heart tricks and the  A.  Here is there auction.

West (Woolridge) East (Hurd)
1 1
1 2
3 3
4 4
4 5NT

I do not know what the bids mean exactly.  I apologize but it appears that East showed the three suited hand and West supported hearts.  After some cuebids Hurd basically bid the slam.  I can try to find out more later.

Try out your auction.

Board 23 Wooldridge -Hurd stopped in 4NT when Hampson Greco bid 6 .  6 is off an ace so you need to play A109742 of diamonds opposite Q53 for no losers.  Not so good.

Hampson laid down the A which wins if their is a stiff king in the North hand so he can finish for the J.  I guess th other possibility is to run the Queen which requires a stiff J in the South hand.  I am not sure one is better than the other.  Anyway the diamonds were 2-2 so there was no chance.

Both pairs are now playing Board 27 and the score is now 61 for Bathurst and 47 for Diamond.  I can see it will be a long hard couple of days for watchers.  Board 29 Hampson took a push over a strong notrump on this hand by inviting with 3S after transferring.  It could work sometimes and you really hate to miss vulnerable games.  What do you think?






By the way we have been told that there are some photos from the first 15 boards courtesy of Catalina Bathurst.  Go to to see them.

Here is one of Eric Greco:


It’s time to see if Woolridge takes the push to 3 .  I don’t think he will being a bit more of the cautious type.  Yes he passed 2 .  So 5 more to Bathurst.  They lead 66-49 with one more to come in the stanze.

And just when we were thinking about a break Board 30 has more action.  4 doubled made in the Closed Room but in the Open Room Wooldridge-Hurd are in 5 doubled.  It looks like it makes to me and so it turns out.  I am not sure why Greco Hampson only claimed ten tricks but it appears they did if that is correct then it is a couple of imps to Bathurst and if BBO is wrong a couple of imps the other way.









♠ KJ8742




♠ Q6









Now everyone is finally off to dinner.  The final very unofficial score after 2 segments 66 to Bathurst and 50 to Diamonds with a lot more bridge to come.

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