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It’s Over The Young Un’s Have Won

Bathurst is as many said very deserving winner.  They did not have an easy path to victory defeating among others the Nickell team and then playing the final against Diamond.  Most of the time they just seemed to play topnotch bridge.

They bid well, played well, defended well and kept their cool.  This should be very exciting for American bridge which is so strong and now has a young team who can compete at the top level for many years.

The final set was a bit sad for me.  Down 81 Diamond tried to mix it up but as Ray said; “it wasn’t bridge as we know it.”  Bathurst just kept their cool and played defense.  They could afford to lose imps.  And they were willing to give up a few swings.  It is hard for the other team to get them all right.  They didn’t and so some imps came back.  Diamond was mathematically eliminated with about three or four boards to go.

The Diamond team is a good team too and it is too bad that both teams can’t play in the Bermuda Bowl.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the event and I hope all of you had a chance to see a lot of it.

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HanniMay 18th, 2011 at 7:28 am

Very importantly, they did not seem to be intimidated, nor were they cocky, quite professional in many aspects. Good thing it ended when it did, lol. Loved watching the great defense. Many thanks to you for your great updates and anallysis.

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