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And the winner is …

This morning there were some hiccups when the computer to show slides was missing and attempts at replacement failed.  The scene was the gorgeous Imperial Room at the Royal York Hotel.  It used to be a fabulous cabaret.  Ray took me there to see an elderly Ella Fitzgerald give a divine performance many years ago.

Marilyn described the story of each of our eight finalists as Teacher of the Year.  And I got to announce the winner …

Kathie Walsh from South Carolina

Kathie who was there by herself was overwhelmed.  This was her second year as a finalist.  When she tried to call her husband she failed to reach him and had to leave a message for him on the answering machine.  Kathie is an active ABTA member, a wonderful bridge teacher and a bridge columnist.

Andre and many others will write more about her.  But for now I would like to congratulate all of the wonderful finalists.  The Texans who gave a loud Texas cheer for there star teacher, the many people who came to root for Gerry Lachance, a local favorite and all of the others.

It was a morning to remember.

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