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World Championships October 15-29th

IT won’t be all that long before top bridge players from around the world head to Veldhoven.  Ray and I decided that we would not go to the world championships this year a while back but I always get a pang as the time gets close.  So I decided to check out a bit of what I was missing.  Apparently Veldhoven is town in the southern Netherlands near Eindhoven.  You would fly into Eindhoven Airport which is the second largest airport in the Netherlands.  October weather looks pleasant with a high of 58F and a low around 50F.  So take your sweaters and jackets.  Eindhoven is a unviersity town (among other things).  So there are a lot of different festivals, clubs and the like.  Don’t miss the lightbulb museum among others.  And of course ,,,

Adriaan Molen Veldhoven 2005 - VeldhovenVeldhoven 2005

Here are some typical Dutch dishes: Patat (French fries served with mayonnaise and various other things).  Last time I was in the Netherlands I got some of these from a cart but skipped the mayonnaise.    Haring: Raw herring with onions.  This also seems to be typical Canadian Jewish food except in Canada we pickle the herring.    Erwtensope is a thick peas soup with vegetables and sausages.

For dessert I remember having Stoopwafel a cookie with waffles and caramel filling.  For more try Tourism Holland.

I should be just back from Sarasota and I plan to watch and probably comment on many sessions.  So focusing on the Bermuda Bowl today  I have a quick look at the participants:

There are 22 teams participating.  They are listed by zone.  Zone 1 includes: Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.  Zone 2 is Canada and two USA teams.  Zone 3 is Brazil and Chile.  Zone 4 India and Pakistan.  Zone 5 is Guadeloupe.  One can’t help wondering if zone 5 should really be a zone at all.  Zone 6 is China, Japan and Singapore, Zone 7 Australia and New Zealand and Zone 8, Egypt and South Africa.  While the Bermuda Bowl is not the exclusive event it once was there are only a small number of teams that are completely outclassed and a few that will need a big surprise to make the final 8.

The USA has two outstanding teams either of whom could make the final.   Italy has its usual strong team with names like Bocchi, Duboin, Lauria and so on.  Poland looks strong.  I will give some thought to picking to some handicapping.

Of course I will be watching USA 1 Seniors with our own Bobby Wolff playing with Dan Morse along with Lew Finkel, Arnold Fisher, Richard Schwartz and Fred Hamilton.  I hope Judy will be sending us regular blogs.

In my next blog about the WC I thought it would be fun to look at some convention cards.

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Judy Kay-WolffSeptember 21st, 2011 at 7:57 pm


Thanks for doing so much legwork for me. I learned a lot from your blog.

Getting there is not as easy as it sounded, especially since our regular airline is SW (because of the multitude of destinations and the non-baggage charges). However, we finally chose AA straight through and will fly to O’Hare and then directly to Brussels which is non stop (followed by a short motor ride to Veldhoven where we will be staying).

I have never seen a real live windmill other than in the movies or a magazine so I am anticipating the trip. It is less than three weeks before we depart, getting there a few days early to unwind and throttle the jet lag.

Other than Philadelphia last Fall, we have not

been to a WBF event or an NABC in well over three years. I can’t say I miss the travelling but it will be wonderful seeing all the new friends I have made after connecting with Bobby. Sorry you and Ray won’t be there. I know we shared some nice times in the Orient a few years ago.

And, yes, you can bet I will be blogging from The Netherlands.

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