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World Mind Games in Lille

If you haven’t noticed the World Bridge Federation has announced that the Bridge Olympiad part of the World Mind Games will be held in Lille France from August 9th to August 23rd.  If you fancy a trip to Lille you do not need to qualify as your country’s entrant into the WMG, you can play in the fifth World Mixed Transnational Teams.  

The Opening Ceremonies are on August 9th with all the Round Robins starting on August 10th and completing on August 15th followed by the Round of 16.  The transnationals start on the 17th in parallel with the quarterfinals of the major events.  It all ends on Wednesday the 22nd with the Closing Ceremonies the next day.

For detailed information look at Information Letter 1.

Lille is in North France near the border with Belgium and the event is being played at the Lille Grand Palais.  There is a list of recommended hotels ranging in price from about 100 euros to 172 euros.  A Euro is currently $1.31 or so.

Ray and I have already booked four days in a nice small hotel in Lille for four days during part of the Round Robin and the start of the knockout and the Transnational Teams.  We hope to see a lot of our friends there.

All of the hotels on the WBF list are a very close walk to the venue.

So now I have to plan the rest of our European trip.

Good luck to all of you who will be playing in trials.  I hope you all win.  There is a chance that I will be filling in at the Canadian trials but I won’t be playing in any case.  I will fill my usual role as a blogger/publisher.  It will be fun to see the World Mind Games close up since I missed it last time.

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Jim WarrenMay 26th, 2012 at 8:19 am

Thanks Linda

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