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Contest – World Sports Mind Games Open Teams … Some Help

This is to answer the question: Who plays who after the round robin.

You can read all about the draw at Supplemental Conditions 2012 on ecatsbridge.  It is quite complex but involves crossovers between the groups based on their original ranking.  It is predetermined except for the Round of 16 where the winners of each group get to pick their opponents from 2,3 and 4th in the opposing group,

Any attempt by me to explain it would be much worse than reading the document.  But, to a large extent the pairings are guesswork.  You can work some things out.  Teams will not be paired against qualifying teams in their group during the Round of 16 or the Round of 8.

There is no carryover in any of the knockout matches.




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ZoranJuly 26th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Thanks Linda!

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