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Joe says celebrate


At the end of the last beginners’ tennis clinic, Joe our pro, had us gather round and gave some very sound advice. He told us that when we missed a shot or did something we weren’t happy about we frowned, shook our head and generally looked quite unhappy. But when we did something good we didn’t seem to be pleased or excited. He said that we needed to celebrate our successes.

Now I was thinking about what happened when Ray and I used to play duplicate. After the game I would take out the hand records and look at each result. When we had a poor score I would try to figure out what we did wrong and I admit (shudder) access blame. I would notice the good results, I might comment on them, but except in very rare circumstances I would pass right over them.

Even when we did really well, even when we won, I wouldn’t really celebrate most of the time. 

Joe was right – I focus on the mistakes. I do not focus on what I do right. I notice the same thing in my students. What we need is more high fives!


Steven GaynorMarch 7th, 2013 at 7:23 pm

You may learn more from your errors than your good plays, but both are worth reviewing – what went wrong, what went right and why. If we have the time and desire to dissect a session hand by hand the learing curve would be noticeable.

I find it hard to review and be honest about everything, especially with my partner who is my spouse.

Norman BarronMarch 9th, 2013 at 3:26 pm

Hi Linda.
I think you are being very harsh on yourself.
As a pupil of yours I find that you are very positive and always give
me positive feedback.
But as you say one learns both by reviewing the
positive as well as the negative.
Enjoy the tennis!

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