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CWTC congratulations

Watching the Canadian Women’s Team Trial championship (CWTC) brought back a lot of memories and some new thoughts.

First congratulations to the winners. I thought that the two finalists were very evenly matched and that the winner would be the team who was “in the zone” and of course a bit of luck wouldn’t hurt. ¬†Pretty much all the players in both of the final two teams had won this event previously. So well done to the winners

Ina Demme, Karen Cumpstone, Joan Eaton, Sondra Blank, Sylvia Caley and Katie Thorpe

and my commiserations to the runnersup

Sharyn Reus, Sandra Fraser, Isabelle Smith, Sam Nystrom, Francine Cimon and Dianna Gordon.

I have been on both sides of the finals and I know the feeling you get when you have worked very hard to prepare and then you lose narrowly. Unfortunately while there is a huge prize for winning there is nothing at all for being second.

I plan to write up some deals and also to congratulate winners in other events but I have my own event to deal with this weekend. I am walking in the Niagara Falls 1/2 marathon. Something a little different!



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