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Bridge and Running

I have started running. It all started with a walk-run program my daughter sent me last winter. I love the name of these programs C25K (which stands for couch potato to 5K). There are many such programs but the idea is that you can take a non-runner and get them to the point that they can run 3.1 miles through a program that combines walking and running and gradually increases the length of each run and the ratio of the running to the walking.  I can say that I am now a runner, a beginning runner but still a runner. 


I have done three races and this weekend I am planning to do a Remembrance Day run. I am not worried about finishing the 5K run. IIt is going to be very cold and windy and so I am worried it won’t be much fun.

So I was thinking about the difference between running and bridge as hobbies/sports.

Bridge: mental but there is some physical (stamina) required

Running: physical but there is a lot of mental (toughness) required. In fact I think running is as much in your head as in your body.

Bridge: Helps mental health in keeping your mind active; can build intuitive skills and memory skills.

Running: Helps your to keep your body healthy, reduces disease risks and also improves your mental health with improved blood flow to your brain – not to mention the willpower you develop

Bridge: Social – you have to have four although these days you can do it from your computer

Running: Can be solitary but running groups are popular too.

Bridge: Partnership game – this is good and bad.

Running: All by your lonesome – this is good and bad. And yes you can run with a buddy and I always talk to people before, during and after a race.

Bridge: Some programs to get started but learning to play can be a major hurdle .. we need to do this much better.

Running: Just put on your running shoes and you can start a walk run program.

Bridge: Could be for all ages but it seems to be mostly people over 40 these days

Running: Pretty much people of all ages can run.

Bridge: Winners and losers

Running: Finishing can be winning for many people. Doing a Personal Best is winning. Lots of winners.

Which all brings me to the need to come up with a C25K program for bridge .. we don’t need to teach bridge in 1 day but we do need to get people up and going very quickly. We need to find a way to make the game fun for people who will never be experts. People shouldn’t have to take the beginner course 5 times or more (as some people end up doing). We are definitely doing something wrong.

If I can learn to run in 10 weeks even though I am no longer young and feel that I can compete surely we ought to be able to help people to learn to play bring and have fun with it in a short period of time.  And we need to find a way to let lots of people feel that they are winners.



Judy Kay-WolffNovember 9th, 2013 at 7:05 pm


What wonderful analogies!

Sadly, I overwork my brain — and neglect my body. I used to exercise in the pool, but lethargy set in. You have inspired me to be more conscious of the health aspects of exercise which I conveniently have cast aside. Can’t promise you I’ll getting in the running routine, but you have caused me to go back to walking (at least around the block). It’s better than being a couch potato!



lindaNovember 10th, 2013 at 2:37 am

I agree – get out there and walk! Walking is great exercise too and I love to walk. I find it is most fun to walk with a partner. My friend Victoria and I often walk and talk for hours. I also enjoy walking with Ray and with my sister Judi.

It is interesting that I prefer running alone and walking with someone. There are several good websites with walking programs. I was just looking at one called the walking site with a beginning fitness walking program. I love this part…

How to start: Just walk out the door, walk for 10 minutes and walk back. Do this every day for a week.


Judy Kay-WolffNovember 10th, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Hi Linda:

Thanks for pointing me toward the walking site. I will check it out. It is interesting to me that I find time for everything else but it seems I put outdoor exercise on the far back burner. I had better get started soon before the weather really changes and winter sets in. By the way, though Las Vegas is known for its hot, muggy summers — there is a noticeable climate drop around Thanksgiving. Actually, I have the ideal situation — a small gated community where a spin around the block is convenient, safe and easy!

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