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Results After Round 7 of the Quarterfinals.

I was going to write a match report about the fifth segment (of six) of the quarterfinals but the deals were well, “dull”.  At most tables the match was a low scoring imp battle.  Coming into the last board of the Venice Cup match between Sweden and England Sweden has taken 26 of those hard to find imps against Englands’s 11 to take the lead 157 to 151.  The last board is a spade score and England will likely pick up an imp or two.  This looks like one to watch in the last round.  Going into Board 15 in the Italy-China Bermuda Bowl match Italy leads China 164 to 162.  Interesting that the two leaders in the round robin, England and Italy having picked form the bottom four qualifiers are now in a battle in the quarterfinal.

Looking at the Bermuda Bowl quarterfinal after 5 of 6 segments:

USA 1 has a huge lead over Israel  221 to  98,  This is the time where you talk about playing the last segment or having a long evening and drowning your sorrows.   I think most watcher expected this to be a closer contest.  I am sure that Israel was hoping for more “swingy” hands in segment 5.

The Netherlands has a good lead over Iceland 175-102.  A win by Netherlands will be very popular amongst the hosts.

USA 2 has increased their lead over Sweden 167 to 127.3.  Can I express a small bias and say that I have been cheering for the young Americans.

Italy has a small lead over China after 16 boards 171 tp 165.3.  I love watching the Italians play but who can’t root (if only a little) for the underdogs.

Venice Cup

Speaking of close matches Sweden and England are tied after five segments of the Venice Cup quarterfinals.  All the matches in the Venice Cup are close

Indonesia leads USA2 in a possible upset 185 to 163.

Netherlands trails USA 1 by 144 to 165

France leads China 185.7 to 170.  France struggled to make the final 8 but they were the last team chosen by the top 4 as a quartefinalist opponent.

In the Senior Bowl Poland has a big lead over Australia 243 to 122.  In all other matches the leader has a decent lead.

France 136
Germany 181
USA 1 187
Denmark 159.5
USA 2 188.5
Indonesia 137

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