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Bidding a strong hand over a preempt

Ray and I played last night and afterwards all the discussion centered on one hand.  The result wasn’t the problem.

With everyone not vulnerable West opened 2H

Ray held S A87 H AQ D AJ104 C AJ63

He was too strong to bid 2NT.  His choices were 3NT or double.  We don’t have anything specifically in our notes about 3NT.  With Isabelle I play either strong or tricks and then 4C asks:

4NT minimum 18-19

Suit natural (source of tricks)

Cue 20-21

There are some other continuations too.  Ray and I do play this over a 3 level preempt though. 

Anyway he doubled and I surprised him with 3S.  Does this promise five spades or just four.  Is it forcing.  I could bid 2NT Lebensohl first and then bid 3S what is the difference.  With Isabelle I play that the direct bid is invitational and the slow approach is a GF.  I suppose it doesn’t matter which way you go.  Of course this bid isn’t available to you with hearts over 2S (weak).

Without discussion I would assume it is invitational.  I don’t see why you couldn’t have a four card suit.  You can force with a cuebid on an invitational hand.  Ray temporized with 4H.  His idea was that if I bid 4S he would try 5S (how good are your spades).  Over 4H I bid 5C showing slam interest and Ray just bid 6S.

I held S QJ10964 H 83 D K7 C K108

Obviously we need some discussion here but I would interested in your comments too.

West Ray East Linda
2H DBL pass 3S
pass 4H pass 5C
pass 6S all pass  


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