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Starting at the top of the food chain Day 5 to better bridge on the internet

Today I decide to go to the best source on the Internet for bridge links and news for my inspiration – Great Bridge Links

There is a list of major international bridge tournaments here, lots of pictures and graphics.

Look at that I didn’t realize that Bridgeblogging is on the front page.  Thank you Jude. 

There are so many links it is dazzlling.

I decide to look at some Blogs to start with.  I ignore Blogs that have nothing written in them in 2008 and wind up at The Beer Card, Paul’s blog.

The current Blog has the depressing heading “Summer is over”.  He started off with some auctions that had cost them a big match and oddly enough it was an auction that I had discussed in this BLOG (day3 maybe?).  What do bids mean over interference over 2NT.

Partner opens 2NT 23-24 BALANCED and your opponent overcalls 3H.  What is a pass.  Can partner pass?  Colin, Ray and I did discuss this after “Day 3” but our notrump range is a little lower.  We decided that pass is not forcing for opener but at this notrump range I think it should be.  Anyway maybe this isn’t such an obscure area.

His last problem asked the question about overcalling a weak notrump.  I think trying to deal with weak notrump using all natural overcalls is not a winning approach regardless of how aggressive you are.   Maybe I should reply.

There are some system notes, including notes on Polish club (which distracted me for a while) and some bidding theory ideas on the site as well.

I decided this was an interesting, fun BLOG written by a young serious bridge player and I will visit again. 

Back at great bridge links I find a link to Vikings In Space which turns out to be the website of Jannes van ‘t Oever, a young Dutch bridge player who fortunately has an English language website.  At the top of the site is a review of Iron Man and for a moment I wonder is I have got to the right spot.


He liked it.

The bridge blog du jour is called the glass cards (so you know it is about card reading).

The next was a story of a neat hand.  He was able to use keycard to get to a slam after partner had denied a control in his void.  He arrives in 7C which has a small flaw, there are only 12 tricks off the top (if hearts break decently.  As it turns out he gets a little help from his opponents and some card reading and … well read it yourself.

The most important thing I learn is a reminder “don’t bid grand slams unless you can count 13 tricks.  Kudos for making it but I think you were getting all the imps/mps for bidding and making 6.  I read the comment which provides an even better line.

Okay time for a top player and teacher.  I arrive at Mike Lawrence’s Bridge SIte and find the articles and am pleased to see a good selection.  I wind up looking at a quiz on responding when partner bids over the opponent’s preempt.  This is interesting because Ray and I spent quite a while discussing a hand yesterday that starter with an opponent’s 2H bid.

I don’t do very well on the quiz.  This is an area that does need a lot of thought and attention.

Here is a problem for you to try:

West opens 3D.  What do you do if partner doubles, bids 3NT or bids 4S

You have S Q8 H K74 D A82 C 109763


Over double bid 3NT, over 3NT pass and over 4S bid 5D.

I confess that I didn’t come up with all those answers.  Did you?  Do you agree with them?  There is a lot of very good stuff on this site.


pattayabridgeSeptember 8th, 2008 at 2:14 am

I bid 3NT over double, pass over 3Nt and pass over 4♠

pattayabridgeSeptember 8th, 2008 at 2:32 am

Perhaps I should elaborate. I do not agree with 5D over 4S because 4S is not a bid that’s looking for slam. With a really good spade hand overcaller should double and then bid 4S over my 3NT or whatever. That sets spades and shows a good hand and so then I cue bid with 5D.

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