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Commenting on commenting on commenting

I was reading Stacy Jacob’s blog which I always enjoy – titled commenting on commenting.

Stacy Jacob’s – Commenting on commenting

She was supposed to be commenting on BBO in the Germany v. Netherlands (Women) match but had some technical difficulties.  The very first hand from the match she discussed in her Blog is the same one I talked about a day or so ago.  This is a hand where I questioned whether a player should open 1♠ or a strong two clubs in the South chair on this hand.

This is the type of hand that is so good for the forcing clubbers since they aren’t going to get passed out in 1♠.  Stacy posed the question how did Sabine know to bid 4♥ on the North hand in this auction. This is one of those auction where everyone is making bids with “meaning” but I will do my best to see if I can answer.  Here was the auction

West Danny East Sabine
  1♣ 1◊ pass
2♠ pass 3♣ pass
pass 3◊ pass ?

Daniela’s opening 1♣ showed about 16 or more points.  I don’t like playing that 1◊ shows minors.  I like to push the bidding up with a two-suiter if I am going to bid at all over a forcing club.  We used to call this type of defence “Micky Mouse” and now that I look back on it for good reason.  North’s pass likely showed 0-3 HCP with something else (probably a double) showing 4-6.

Here too I don’t like 2♠.  Why give the opposition four extra bids: pass, double, 2NT and 3♣.  Just bid 3♣.  I an sure why Danny passed 2♠.  I wonder what a double would be or a direct 3♣.   When 3♣ was passed backed to her Danny who had a great hand even over 0-3 in partner’s hand still wanted to play game if her partner had any fit at all.    The 3◊ cue bid showed a great hand, in the context of the forcing club and negative response a really powerful hand  with the majors.  I would take it that way even without discussion and I am sure Danny and Sabine have this type of auction all worked out.  Now let’s consider Sabine’s hand.  She has a great hand for the auction.  She has four trump for Daniela to an honor and a ruffing value.  It is similar to the response you would make if Daniela.  She is at the maximum of her range (0-3).  So she should and did bid 4♥ .

I look forward to hearing Stacy’s commentary on BBO.  It will be interesting to hear her perspective.  A lot of the commentators are not all that shall I say, clued in.  Stacy will have a lot to add and I am sure will not be afraid to say that she doesn’t understand something in the auction.  Something that a lot of other viewers also don’t understand.

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ColinOctober 8th, 2008 at 6:45 pm

Just to clarify – 1♦ showed either spades or minors. She bid 2♣ as pass or correct.

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