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How is Oz doing in the open?

I thought I would head over to Ron Klinger’s blog to get it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. 

Ron Klinger’s Blog

Ron is playing on the Australian open team.  There are three blog entries so I started with the most recent.  This was dated October 8th after the ninth round.  He posed this little problem.

Try this problem:

West North East South
    pass 1spade
pass 2heart pass ?

What would you do as South with:

spade A K 9 5 4 3

heart K 9 6 5 2

diamond A 2


I think most of us would find the winning call of 5NT expecting to make        7heart when partner has the remaining heart honours.  The call was found at both tables in the match.  Still I expect that even at this level not every team got to the grand.  Australia had been struggling at this point in the tournament much to Ron’s disgust so I am going to check and see how they are doing now.

Group D ranking

As you can see they have are in twelfth place with no real chance of qualifying.

Check out this blog entry (Blog 2) for some interesting play hands.

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