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Curse You Red Baron

Some bidding problems for you!  Sometimes you sit down to a teen game and your opponents are unexpectedly good.  That was the case today when Hussein and Koukou played strong aggressive bridge and gave us a lot of bidding problems.  We got a few right but we also got a few wrong.  Let’s see how you would do.

♠ 5
♥ 10973
◊ AK76542
♣ 7

Partner opens 1♣ and RHO bids 1♠.

This is a two part problem.

Part A) What do you do?

In your notes for better or worse it says that a jump shift shows a fit after interference over a minor opening.  So your choices are:

a) pass  b) 2◊ c) double d) other

Part B) Whatever you call,  the bidding continues 3♠, pass, pass now what?

This time you have

♠ A7653
♥ 73
◊ AK52
♣ 97

You are vulnerable against not and South on your right opens 3♣.  Do you bid?  If you pass and the auction continues 4♣ by LHO and 4♥ by partner do you bid now?

Answers next time.  Maybe I should send these problems to Marshall Miles.  Ray has been working through some Marshall Miles problems and he and I seem to be on the same wavelength (different from everyone else true) but I am quite proud of that.

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