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I waited a long time to make this bid

I had this great hand yesterday.  I had to call Ray in to watch while I made my bid.  Here is my hand white on red sitting West:

♠ Q987542
♥ J9
◊ KQ75
♣ —


It may not look like an awesome hand but wait…. 

Partner opens 2♠ which shows 5-10 HCP and at least 5-5 in spades and a minor.  You already have a plan when your RHO bids 3♠.  With Ray looking over your shoulder you bid 6♠.  That was fun, your highest level preempt ever.  This is passed around to South who bids 7♥.  He must have some hand.  Too bad that are playing it from the wrong side for a club ruff.  This was passed out.  Before I tell you the rest of the story let’s see what happened at the other table. 

West (my hand) North East (Sylvia’s hand) South
    3♣ 6♥
all pass      


Yes, it really is the same hand.  Now what do you lead into this auction.  I don’t know if you can work it out but don’t lead a diamond or it’s curtains.  And in fact, at the other table that is exactly what happened.

Here is the whole hand and you will notice that when I bid 6♠, I bid what we could make.

  ♥ 54  
  ◊ AJ108432  
♠ Q987542   ♠ AJ1063
♥ J9   ♥ —
◊ KQ75   ◊ 96
♣ —   ♣ K109872
  ♠ —  
  ♥ AKQ1087632  
  ◊ —  
  ♣ AJ43  


After the diamond lead in 6♥ declarer took the club pitch, drew trump and conceded a club.  I made the same lead but that is not enough in 7♥.  Declarer won the diamond and took the club finesse as his only chance so he went two down.  That was 17 imps. 

At our table our system helped us a lot.  Do you like the opening 3♣ bid at the other table?  Is there anything East-West could have done?  If East passes funny things may happen.  If South opens 6♥, he will still buy the hand but probably he won’t.  Say South opens 2♣.  I am probably going to bid spades.  That is going to cause some fun and games our way.

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john cunninghamMarch 31st, 2009 at 1:27 pm

It is NOT just my claustrophobia. Years of playing with real cards have me used to flat hands. But on BBO there is always something like this. And I am too set in my ways to feel out an electronic table. “What do you think of 3 clubs?” It got what it deserved. (Though if the side suit had been red……)

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