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Bright Spots

Some times you have to look for the bridge spots in what may have been a disappointing first half.  Canada Master Point Press had a very good win in their final match Wednesday beating USA 2 20-10 and having an above average day.   Well done.   In the Seniors Canada had quite a good day as well especially a big defeat of Pakistan, a contending team.  At this point there is quite a cluster of teams trailing leader England with Canada sitting in ninth position still well in the hunt.  It should be an exciting finish in this event.

I did have a good time joining Ray in commentary during the Netherlands – USA 2 match.  Ray was in the Closed Room in a happy group with David Bird and Jan Van Cleeff.  It is always a pleasure to watch Meckwell and the Dutch player Drijver and Brink were both good and entertaining.  David Bird made me laugh quite a bit.

One of the highlights of the match for me was two tit for tat boards between Bertens and Meckstroth.  On the first one Board 9 Bertens in first chair white against red opened multi 2D with

♠ 75
♥ J10752
♦ 10874
♣ A4


This rendered it virtually impossible to get to the club slam reached at the other table.   Then came Board 12 and Meckwell held an even worse (Better?) hand at favorable vulnerability

♠ 108752
♥ 10932
♦ 1064
♣ 9

It was two passes to him and of course he opened 1♠.  This had the effect of keeping North-South out of a topnotch club slam bid and made at the other table.  Here is the whole deal.  Decide if you could bid it after the 1♠ “light” opening.

Board12 Dealer West. North-South Vulnerable.

  ♠ AJ9
♥ J
♦ AJ752
♣ 7642
♠ 43
♥ Q865
♦ KQ93
♣ Q105
Bridge deal ♠ 108752
♥ 10932
♦ 1064 
♣ 9
  ♠ KQ6
♥ AK74
♦ 8
♣ AKJ83


I love watching this and if you haven’t been on BBO, why not?


sadhanSeptember 14th, 2009 at 4:47 pm

P-P-1s-X-P or RD- 3d-p-4c-p-4s(cue)-p-4n(RKC)-p-5H(KC)-p-6c-p-p-p

sadhanSeptember 14th, 2009 at 4:49 pm

If p jumps to 3D,then there cd be a try and success as well

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