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Canada Master Point Press Women Pull It Out

Yesterday the Canadian women turned it on and had a great day.  With 5 matches to go they

This is their remaining schedule:

  1. Germany
  2. Venezuela
  3. Pakistan
  4. Sweden
  5. Brazil

At this point they are in 13th place with 229 VP a full 30 behind 8th place.  It does seem like a formidable task.  Three of their remaining teams Venezuela, Pakistan and Brazil are at the bottom of the pack.  If they can get 75 VP from them and hold their own against middle of the pack Sweden and Germany for say 40 VP.  They would have a total of 115 VP more.  Will 344 qualify? 

Average at the end of the event (taking 15 as average) is 315 so 345 is a match above average.  That will usually qualify.  Looking at the current eight place team Indonesia they have a score of 259 with 249 as the current average around 3/4 of a match above average.  So that is the task.  And it can be done.  Even a bit worse might still make it. 

Looking at some of the teams ahead of Canada Master Point Press, Germany has a tough schedule ahead.  Besides Canada they have Denmark, Spain, Australia and USA II, no gimmees.  Japan has quite an easy schedule and Indonesia’s isn’t too bad either.  Italy has France and Egypt to play to play but then easy matches.  Egypt has USA II to play as well and Sweden has a particularly tough schedule with China, USA II as well as Canada.

All in all I would say that 345 should do it.  Just follow our American friends down and say “Yes, we can!”.




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MichaelSeptember 5th, 2009 at 3:35 am

Thanks for your cheer-leading but it just didn’t work out. Lets all pull for the old boys.

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