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Bridge, hockey, bridge, oh my … Olympics!

Today was a day full of bridge and HOCKEY and bridge and cheering and the closing ceremonies.  I realized something, this Olympics really brought Canada closer together, it really brought out our patriotism.  We went from polite and deferential to proud and boisterous.  Don’t worry it won’t last but it has been fun.  My daughter who lives in Vancouver saw it all.  She was near Stephen Harper (the P.M.) at the curling.  She cheered Canada in the Canada-Russia hockey game.  But she decided to watch the final hockey game at home.  I think the pressure (and the ticket prices) were too much but she did go downtown afterwards to celebrate with her whole family.  I was playing bridge during the hockey game and giving the table updates.  “It’s 2-1 oh no they tied it with a few seconds left and so on.”  I played some “hockey” bridge too i.e. a terrible bid just about the time the US tied it.  Sorry Sylvia.

Main Image

Tonight I played with Colin and Isabelle and Sondra in a team game and later head on head.  Colin and I did have a good set.  Here is a bid that Colin got right.  I don’t make these bids with everybody!  Colin held

s_thumb2 K7
h_thumb2 AK52 
Copyofd_thumb2 AKJ
c_thumb2 10964

White on red he opened 1c_thumb2 strong and artificial.  Sondra bid 2Copyofd_thumb2 majors or minors and I bid 3c_thumb2 natural and positive (game forcing).  Isabelle bid 3Copyofd_thumb2 pass or correct and Colin raised clubs with 4c_thumb2.  Sondra passed and I bid an undiscussed 5s_thumb2.  Back to Colin.  My terrific son bid 7c_thumb2.  He was quite happy about it when dummy came down.  I held

s_thumb2 void
h_thumb2 Q6
Copyofd_thumb2 Q762
c_thumb2 AKQJ852

When the opening heart lead was not ruffed Colin claimed saying “Glad we were on the same wavelength!”  It was my highest ever splinter.  Do you like it?

We had another cool slam during the team game.   I held

s_thumb2 K102
h_thumb2 AKQ10854 
Copyofd_thumb2 void
c_thumb2 J85

Nobody was vulnerable and I decided to open a slightly light Namyats showing about 8 tricks with hearts as trump.  So sue me for 1/2 a trick.  Colin bid 4s_thumb2 over 4c_thumb2 showing a slam try with controls in two suits, spades and another.  I show my diamond control and Colin bid the heart slam.  He had:

s_thumb2 AJ3
Copyofd_thumb2 10875
c_thumb2 AKQ72

Now you may notice that seven is very good.  And we discussed how to get there afterwards.   Colin’s first problem is that he doesn’t know if I have first or second round control of diamonds.  He also doesn’t know my trumps are solid.  At the other table my hand opened 1h_thumb2 which I can hardly argue with and Sondra bid a very aggressive 2s_thumb2 on s_thumb2Q98754 and out.  Colin’s hand bid clubs which should have made it easier.  Anyway this was there whole auction

Linda Opponent Sondra Colin Opponent Isabelle
1h_thumb2 2s_thumb2 3c_thumb2 pass
3h_thumb2 pass 3NT pass
4h_thumb2 all pass    

Their auction doesn’t seem that bad although the heart hand should really like the K102 of spades after partner bids notrump and the nice juicy club fit.  Partner almost certainly has a heart for the notrump bid….hmmm.

Anyway I think seven is hard to get to.  Does anybody see the way?

Isabelle and Sondra got to some nice slams too.  They had a nice auction to their own grand slam.  We were silent throughout.  

Sondra held

s_thumb2 AKQJ
h_thumb2 AK 
Copyofd_thumb2 AQ7
c_thumb2 J1094

She opened 1c_thumb2 which is forcing and shows a variety of different hands.  Isabelle showed a limit raise in clubs.  Sondra relayed asking Isabelle about her hand and Isabelle showed some values in hearts denied values in diamonds and showed a maximum.  Sondra bid keycard and Isabelle showed all the missing ones.  Sondra could them bid the grand.  Isabelle held

s_thumb2 9
h_thumb2 J86 
Copyofd_thumb2 10864
c_thumb2 AKQ63

Colin and I would probably have a decent shot at this playing forcing club after I showed a positive with five clubs.  But how do you get there in a different system.  Playing with Julie, we can show a balanced 24 count and South can show 5 clubs, that might work.  North is awfully big.  A nice auction ladies.  This was not reached by the BBO field.  Funny in 12 boards we played 7c_thumb2 once each way.  Amazing.

And then Neil Young sang as the Olympic flame when out Long May You Run


"Long May You Run"
We’ve been through
some things together
With trunks of memories
still to come
We found things to do
in stormy weather
Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Although these changes
have come
With your chrome heart shining
in the sun
Long may you run.


Dave Memphis MOJOMarch 1st, 2010 at 1:11 am

Congrats on putting on a real show — the Olympics were just terrific. Oh Canada

kenrexfordMarch 1st, 2010 at 8:38 am

5-3, then 2-2, then 0-1.

Well, we scored more total points, but lost the gold in the end. Kind of a parallel to the olympics, generally. I guess I have to suck it up and congratulate my dear brothers to the north. 🙂

LindaMarch 1st, 2010 at 10:08 am

The USA was awesome in the Olympics overall, really dominating. It will be interesting to see what happens in 4 years. My guess is that Russia which was really embarrassed by its showing will decide that they want to “own the podium”. Will Canada continue to put funding into the winter game sports at the same level? It hasn’t been decided yet and I suppose that we are likely to have lots of cutbacks with the need to balance the budget.

Still, it was great to do so well and it was great for the country to come together. I know that years from now people will still remember “the game”.

Blair FedderMarch 1st, 2010 at 11:30 am

No law suit on the K102 AKQ10854 void J85 ( though71/2 seems the real count ). Since he has 4 to 4+ tricks opposite an 81/2 trick hand, Colin should bid 5NT over 5 diamonds. With AKQ of hearts and the diamond void you have an easy bid of 7 hearts ( your right, 3NT, bid at the other table, implies a heart card ). That’s how you would get there. Belladonna and Garozzo have argued whether the J of hearts is of necessity. Belladonna would say yes, Garozzo would tell you that it’s not needed, so easy can be taken with a grain of salt………

The tragedy of this hand is the failure for the heart hand at the other table to bid even a simple 6 hearts over 3 clubs. It also could have bid exclusion Blackwood over 3 clubs, or splintered and then over 5NT, which would have elicited a 7 clubs bid, corrected to 7 hearts. Three hearts and the four hearts rebid over 3NT at the other table are both very poor bids, ergo, their auction was awful. Your right again, at the other table they should have had no trouble getting to 7 hearts, and on a bad day, seven clubs. Very nice finish to the winter Olympics by Canada ( though the Stanley Cup will live for most of its life in the USA )…….

HanniMarch 1st, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Thanks for the beautiful song. It made me choke up, reminding me of my little sister who died 9 months ago. She loved to watch the Olympics, we both had skied at Grouse Mt. many years ago. The words are perfect for her. Wasn’t the backdrop of mountains, trees and snow just stunning? Another thing I loved was KD Laing, singing Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluia” during the opening ceremonies. What a poet laureate!

Ross TaylorMarch 1st, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Colin’s 7 club bid was ballsy – well done!

LindaMarch 1st, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Yes I have asked several people about the hand where Colin bid 7C and nobody else bid 7C except for Ray (with a tiny bit of prompting). Ray thought I should have just bid 4S and maybe he is right. he thinks after that Colin can blackwood. So perhaps it was -1 for Linda and +1 for Colin.

Funny how the old guys have the best songs. KD Lang’s version of Hallelujah is amazing. Apparently Lenoard Cohen was asked to perform and he suggested KD Land instead.

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