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Ranking whatever I want … Last day for now

Its the tenth day and I am going to take a rest.  I will try to do more websites some time in the future, probably in December or January.  But it is time to move on for now.  So I just decided to review a few more in depth and mention a few others.

The Netherlands seems to have a good website but I couldn’t find a way to view it in English. Unit 166 has one great feature on their website, PDF issues of their fine magazine the Kibbitzer including back issues.  This magazine is currently edited by John Carruthers and is free to all.  If you are feeling a little cold and weary this winter try the Bermuda Bridge Club.  The sunny pictures and events will cheer you right up.

Youth for Bridge is the ACBL website for juniors.  There seems to be some interesting stuff here.  Try the advanced play challenge.  It is a cute double dummy hand.  Which brings me to my next website:  I have previously reviewed double dummy corner by Hugh Darwen.  It is still completely wonderful.  This site is always current and there is always a competition going.  But much more since there is an archive of hundreds of problems from various composers.  Besides Darwen other composers include stars like Eddie Kantar, Richard Pavlicek and George Coffin and a couple of problems from Willaim Whitefield, a nintenth century problem composer.  Nobody has yet solved the current Problem 423.  Don’t look at me – I am not even going to try (well not until all my work. A+

Thomas Andrew has an interesting page:  Thomas’s Bridge Fantasias.  For those interested you can also get to his home page which has tidbits like what would it be like if you put an art gallery in a Kline bottle.  What is interesting is that he is a programmer who has projects going.  For example what he calls hand evaluation research.  (Warning when you get the message loading please wait… don’t click one of the buttons at the top of the page.   Here is an example:  If partner opens 2NT when should you bid 3NT when you have minimal values.  Is an ace enough?  The answer is no, not even when the ace is in a five card suit and not even vulnerable.  But with one ace and two tens you should bid vulnerable almost all the time.  Lots more here… interesting stuff.  He has a free program called Deal: double dummy solver, hand generator and more.  Definitely worth a visit if you are into bridge theory.  B+

I realized I neglected to mention the World Bridge Federation site.  Not bad.  It has useful information about what is happening at the “world” level and world championships, a calendar of major events world wide, the playing records and some pictures of international players.  Want to know who is ranked highest in the world?   Useful when you want to know these things.  B

Fifth Chair is an online bridge education group.  Lots of material for teachers.  There are 16 introductory lessons, a bridge glossary, A large archive of articles, mostly bidding but a few others.  Want to know a whole bunch of variations of CRASH. RKC for minor suits.  Some information about their mentoring program. C+

I have previous reviewed Bridgevaria. It is a web site with columns, puzzles and problems.  Lat time I thought can they keep this up.  Well yes.  Well done to Ed HoogenkampPeter van der Linden and Pien Stering.  They seem to be going strong, very strong.  There is an article each day on the front page.  Also all sorts of problems of all types.  It may be a quiz or a short discussion of a hand or idea.  Book reviews of recent books are very current.  All high quality, lots of everything and a newsletter too. A+ (especially because there is something new every day).

Oh there is so much more out there… it’s sad to stop now.  But I will be back soon.  A complete list of reviewed sites with grades where appropriate will be posted soon.


Howard Bigot-JohnsonNovember 17th, 2010 at 9:13 am

Dear Linda, Have you checked out DUPLICATE BRIDGE AND MORE blogspot. This I think is worth a good look. Both different and interesting. Yours John Howard Gibson

LindaNovember 18th, 2010 at 12:06 pm

I had a quick look. It has a sparse number of bridge blogs but I will do a more thorough look when I come back to doing more reviews.

Thanks for your suggestions and I would be happy to receive more.

Hugh DarwenNovember 19th, 2010 at 6:49 am

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your kind words about my web site, I just want to mention that the famous 19th century composer’s name was Whitfeld, not “Whitefield”. Note there is only one “i” and only one “e”. (I was taken to task myself when my own original misspelling, “Whitfield” was pointed out to me.)

Best regards,

Hugh Darwen

Linda LeeNovember 19th, 2010 at 10:37 am

Thanks Hugh. I won’t correct it since your comment does that now. And thanks for all the wonderful problems on your website.

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