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MPP IBPA Book of the Year Nominees

Master Point Press sponsors the International Bridge Press Association Book of the Year.  But the nomination and selection process is completely independent so it is always fun to find out if we have any books nominated.  It was particularly fun when my revision of Bridge Squeezes Complete was nominated!  And it was great when  Eric Rodwell/Mark Horton won for “The Rodwell Files” last year.

This year three Master Point Press books have been nominated.  

The first is Bridge at the Edge: Boye Brogeland and David Bird.

I remember when Ray and I met with Brogeland to discuss this book.  Any woman who looks at the cover will know where my eyes were during that dinner.  I also rather liked a discussion Ray and I had about Brogeland’s comments about playing for overtricks at imps.  Is it ever right to risk your contract (even when the odds are very low) for that overtrick?   Brogeland’s views on the subject and his subsequent experience when he put his ideas into practice are interesting and funny.  I never pass up an opportunity to read new fresh ideas about the game from a young star.

The second is The Contested Auction: Roy Hughes

Roy found some time away from his young family to do this thorough and comprehensive book about the most complex part of bidding – competitive auctions.  It always seems strange to me that partnerships work so hard on their constructive bidding, plotting out many levels of auction and then as an afterthought discuss how to compete in an auction and how to handle interference.  I have watched a lot of high level bridge and it seems to me that most of the time in expert partnership the disasters happen in competitive auctions.  Twice recently in the final stages of major competitions I saw two expert partnerships get completely confused after Keycard was doubled. 

Clearly this is a part of bidding that needs more attention.  It is well worth the time (which will be considerable) to work through Roy’s book.

The third nominated book is Defend or Declare: Julian Pottage.

Julian never fails to produce interesting deals.  A long time ago I was involved in a pioneer book with Andrew Diosy where together we came up with a novel idea.  We presented deals for users to analyze where they could see all four hands.  Then we gave them a solution in two parts.  Part one of the solution moved them in the right direction.  Part two was the final solution.  I have always liked this approach.  It is a way to help people to “see” the answer and learn the concept.

We were happy to see Julian bring back this approach using his own special hands.

Other nominated books include: The Amazing Queen – Winning with Your Queens: Clement Wong and It’s All in the Game: Bob Ewen and Jeff Rubens.

Jeff Rubens is the editor of a bridge magazine I read every month and one readers know I love: Bridge World.  My copies of bridge world will never be sold because I admit that they are all a little bit wet.  That is because I reread them over and over usually while in the bathtub!  The subtitle of their book is The Fun Side of Winning Bridge.  I haven’t seen this book yet but I intend to.  Apparently they tell some very funny bridge stories involving some great players.

Congratulations to all the nominees and look for a promotion in August on ebooksbridge of our nominated books.



Michael YuenJuly 16th, 2012 at 6:58 pm

These are three very interesting books and I enjoyed them all.

Bridge at the Edge : Boye Brogeland and David Bird.

Very well written, the pages just flow. Bonus is Boye also shared some of his system secrets with the readers.

The Contested Auction : Roy Hughes.

Covered a large area of contested auction I have not even thought about. Lots for every serious partnerships to discuss.

Defend or Declare : Julian Pottage.

This book is for the puzzle solvers. Just when you think you found the solution, you are led to another possibility.

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